[Proposal] Eliza Doez DAO Creative Proposal for March

Hello everyone! My name is Eliza and I’m an influencer/social media marketer that has been in the space for 10 years. Hope to get to know you guys in due time and collaborate if the right opportunity presents itself! I am leaving my Guild proposal here, but I also have a PowerPoint with voiceovers just in case anything isn’t self-explanatory.

Powerpoint link: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online. (refer her if you need link examples of the content ideas as we’re not allowed to add more than 1 link in this post)

Members :

Pontential Guild members:
These are influencers that I have a lot of experience working with and are reliable + trustworthy. They may not all become part of the council, but have the potential to!

Target : eliza-doez.sputnik-dao.near

Total Requested Funding Amount : $5,000

Projects & Timelines : The Eliza Doez Guild onboards high-level influencers (50k+ followers) to the Near ecosystem via NFTs, exclusive content, and audience giveaways. Our 2-phase plan will cycle every 6 months.

PHASE I ( Mar-Jul ): Collaborating w/ influencers and or Producing Community Voted Content/month
PHASE II ( July ): Community Giveaway that requires audience to purchase NFT & have Near wallet

These 2 phases will be repeated again from Aug-Dec .

Every month @Elizalovezxo/@Elizalovez will give her community options of what content to create for YouTube or TikTok. They will have the choice of voting for her to collaborate with a known influencer, or the choice of her producing a crazy, innovative video (check below for examples). In order for them to be able to vote, they would need a Near wallet and would need to be part of the Eliza Doez community on telegram.
For the month of March, Eliza will be giving options of which influencers for collaborate with.

EXAMPLES - Note: I couldn’t add links to these since as a new user I’m only allowed one link. Please refer to my Powerpoint for the links if you’d like to see examples!

  • Interviewing influencer while doing a competitive fashion OOTD (Valentine’s Day Look, 70’s Makeup Look)
  • Piercing influencer’s ear with consent while interviewing them - this topic does extremely well on my channel!
  • Or similar to Arrack’s YouTube video of him dropping a yacht into Jake Paul’s backyard with a loader crane, if the community picks an innovative video instead!


  • Monthly trends with influencers (before and after transformations with trending sound or products)
  • OOTD with influencer while given a specific look to attempt (day versus night look, or an out of the day in Paris, etc.)

Additionally, every 6 months, we will have a giveaway. In order to enter the giveaway, our audience would need to be part of the Eliza Doez community on telegram, have a Near wallet, and purchase at least 1 NFT. The more NFTs purchased the more entries into the giveaway. In total, we will have 2 giveaways a year.

The purpose of our Guild is to onboard high-level influencers from my community to the Near ecosystem via NFTs, exclusive content, and audience giveaways. But most importantly, to educate my community, the influencers I collaborate with, and their own communities, about the Near ecosystem. And lastly, to build a Guild that is sustainable and will scale up in the process, allowing our influencers to have their own Guilds and be able to collaborate with one another. Additionally, through these monthly collaborations, I will vet out which influencers will be a perfect fit to be a member in our Guild. We will be adding 1-2 influencers to our council every year, as we want to make sure to build a reliable team.

BUDGET: $5000
· Content Editor per month (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Reels): $1000
· Videographer & Photographer per month: $1000
· Content Innovator: $500
· Community Manager Fee: $500
· Fee per content posted + Near promotion for @Elizalovez (TikTok, Instagram, & YouTube): $150/post (minimum 2 posts a month)
· Influencer Collaboration fee: $1000-$1500/collaboration (minimum of 1 influencer collab a month)
· Anything leftover from the budget will be saved for Giveaway + social media content promotion: $200-$850

Hey there,

Thank you for your proposal. Seeing that you are specifically working with influencers, I would guess that the Marketing Vertical would maybe be a better option than the Creatives DAO, I’ll therefore link in the @marketingdao-council & @MktngDAO_Advisors.

As for the creatives, every new DAO can claim up to 2k in N per month and a council would generally consist of more than 1 person, as the Creatives DAO does not fund individual’s proposals.

Hey Tabear, thanks for the response and additional info. I was referred to you guys by the Penmanship Guild and was informed that there is up to 5k grants allowed for my tier. Would you have any additional information on this? They are a new guild as well. Additionally, thank you for referring me to the marketing DAO! What exactly do they focus on? Because, in my Guild’s case it would be the creation of content, NFTs, and giveaways, more than the marketing of it. The collaborations are marketing on their own, but our Guild would be focusing on the production of content, more so than the marketing.

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Hey there,

sure, no worries. Marketing DAO can be found here: Marketing - NEAR Forum

As for the tiers, in the Creatives DAO the rule is if a new DAO is created, they can request up to 2k in the first month. After that they can request 5k. Penmanship Guild already sent several proposals so they request up to 5k. 5k is also the maximum from our side.
We used those guidelines in terms of tiers (even if they might change, for now this is what the Creatives DAO works with) Guilds' Tiering System: An evolutionary Path for Community Development

As for NFTs, @Mintbase might be interesting for you too :slight_smile:

If you would like to stick with the Creatives, I’d suggest adding more infos on council, who will be the influencers and what exactly will be created. You can have a look through other [Proposals] for monthly funding and see how other DAOs structure it while being transparent :slight_smile:


Got you! Thank you for the clarification! Really helps a lot. Yea, as the majority of our Guild’s work will be focused on the production and graphic design, I’d prefer to stick with the Creatives, if possible. I will definitely put a more detailed proposal together with the influencers on council and the influencer we’ll be collaborating with for this month. Thanks again!

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Ok great :slight_smile: Looking forward seeing the updated proposal.
Also feel free to join our Creatives Office hours every Monday at 8pm GMT directly in Telegram; you could join and introduce your project and generally the group is very helpful and full of Creatives :). Telegram: Contact @CreativeGuilds

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Appreciate it! I’m actually already in there. I did introduce myself but I can definitely do it again, no problem! Everyone seemed busy with their Guilds at the time. :joy:

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