[Proposal] Elemental Game for AC-DAO june 2024

[Proposal] Elemental Game for AC-DAO june 2024

Section 1. Main information

Project Name: Elemental Game

Logo Elemental Game

Project URL: https://elemgame.app/

Github: Elemental Game · GitHub

Project’s X (Twitter): https://twitter.com/ever_guild_net

For basic information about the project and the team, see the first proposal, which was approved in May 2004: Elemental Game for AC-DAO.

Section 5. Support

What Kind Of Support Is Needed?

Purpose of the Grant

A proposal aimed at leveraging existing integration with the Aurora Cloud strategic partner Secret Network and encouraging new user engagement on the Aurora Network. Improve the connectivity and registration of users from other EVM-compatible networks by integrating the Secret Network using innovative SecretPath technology into the Aurora network.

  • Integration with Secret Network and Aurora — By integrating with Secret Network and Aurora’s EVM compatibility, we aim to offer users the ability to use their existing blockchain accounts to seamlessly engage with Elemental Game. This integration not only simplifies the user experience by allowing them to maintain their current accounts without the need for creating new ones. Making it easier for users from diverse blockchain backgrounds to join and enjoy Elemental Game on the Aurora Network.
  • Marketing Initiatives and User Incentives — We plan to public relations efforts to connect with users from other networks. Our goal is to clearly communicate the new opportunities available through our platform.
  • Community and Technical Support

Section 6. Grants

Grant Amount Requested: $5,000 per month

Please provide a budget breakdown:

  • User Activity Incentives ($2,000):
    • In-game Challenges: $1,500 will be used to reward players who complete specific challenges within the game. These challenges will be designed to promote exploration of different game features and strategic play.
    • Special Event Participation: $500 will fund rewards for users participating in time-limited events such as holiday-themed quests or special battles, which are crucial for keeping the community engaged and excited about the game.
  • Marketing Initiatives and User Incentives ($3,000): We will need to implement activity among users supporting EVM-compatible networks in order to attract the attention of their users to the new features that our Elemental Game project will demonstrate.