[Proposal] Culinary DAO's Funding Proposal For The Month Of May

Culinary DAO’s Funding Proposal For The Month Of May

Council Members:



Total Requested Funding Amount: $3000

April Monthly Report

Projects & Timelines:

Restaurant Feature Bounty

Can You Cook

Opening of our store on Mintbase. 6.5N

Airdrop to facilitate opening of wallets: $200

NFT purchase from Members And contents creation for our socials $500

DAO’S Management $800


@creativesdao-council please check out our proposal.

Hi Culinary DAO!

Your proposal is looking nice and organized which I really appreciate. One thing to note is that there has been an update to the funding process of Creatives DAO. As more DAOs enter the ecosystem we decided to tier the funding into 3 steps in order to build trust with entering community projects. This means, since you are in your second month of requesting funds, that your funding limit is $3000. Next month after a clear report you can have the opportunity to request the full $5000. You can check out the full update here:


Hi @adrianseneca

Thanks for your attention and guidance. And thank you for our own tag​:dancer::dancer:. We like it!

We will trim our budget for the month down to size.

Have a lovely day.

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@adrianseneca we have reduce our budget to $3000.
We have also removed the Metaverse rooms proposal while we wait for @Jeff from Nearhub to provide us with a breakdown of the cost.
Thank you for your guidance.

Hi again Culinary DAO,

I appreciate you shifting your funding to the appropriate amount. After discussing collectively with the moderators we feel that since this was your first funding cycle with Creatives DAO, and you are still building trust within the community, it is fair for us to ask your team to first submit your completed projects before requesting more funding. Sometimes we allow projects that are in the process of completion to be accepted as sufficient in reports, but usually this is with DAOs that already have a proven track record of deliverables and created trust in the ecosystem.

We are having a hard time accepting your two montage videos and your food market photos as sufficient enough to move forward with your next tier of funding. We also feel that especially since your project is heavily based on culinary projects rather than traditional realms of art, we need to feel more confident that your culinary projects are in fact creative and can stand side by side with the other projects happening within this community.

We hope you understand that our concerns are based off of holding a standard of quality within the Creatives DAO and look forward to seeing your future work.

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@andrianseneca could we please be considered because our project is more than 80% completed. All that is left is with the editor. We won’t want to rush him, because we want an excellent end product.
Despite the little time we had due to late arrival of funds, and also the drop in the value of Near tokens, we were still able to carry out our projects.

A proof is in our telegram group. Despite the fact that the area we went was a rural environment, we were able to onboard about fifteen persons, and we opened wallets for them, with more promising to join as soon as they get an android phone…

Another reason we are soliciting for consideration is because, seeing the set back we encountered last month due to short time to actualise our projects, we already set our projects in motion and have begun to engage lots of people. If you can consider us, you have our word that by the end of this month, you will have a complete report of completed projects for the two months.
Attached below are just few(raw shots) out of the over 27 GB worth of data we shot for our April project.

We anticipate your favourable response.
Thank you in anticipation!

Hi @FabDab, I hear all for your reasoning and understand that funding timing and value drops in NEAR can be difficult. In the future you are welcome to request stable coin for your funding and build systems with your team to avoid these type of losses. These are some of the reasons we have a tiering system of funding so teams can slowly integrate into the ecosystem rather than rush with their projects. We do appreciate you sending us all of your media but the moderation team still feels uncomfortable approving a next round of funding without deliverables because you are a new project. We really hope you understand and are excited to see what you bring forth so you can move forward next month!

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Okay. Thank you very much.

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