[Proposal] Create a tag contest

Hello creatives greetings

I remain El Khush de magnifico.

For my proposal

Create a tag contest

It is an open contest for both members of the community and other communities and followers of our community.

To participate:

Create a post on Twitter and IG mentioning and tagging Capital Guild, it should come with a good follow up write up.
With the artwork provided



Follow us on all social media pages and on our YouTube
Create a post with a hood write up
Tag and mention capital guild on your posts.
On the final day, make a post with showing the stats of the contest post and tag Captalguild
Only first people to submit on the final day will be considered.

200 and above tags $150
150 tags and above $100
100 to 50 tags and retweets $50

Announcement of Winners will be posted and displayed on our social media pages with their photos.

Note: we will choose the winners on the final day after Only selecting first people to reach these numbers on the final day.

Contest is expected to last 7days and winners will be announced and given their rewards.

Selection team of 3
$50 each = $150
Flyer & design = $50
Bounty total = $300
Requesting $500

Target: @elkhush1


Love the idea as it helps grows the community…

Hey, any plans to track alt accounts or fake insights?


Yes brother, this is why we’re setting up a team of 3 people from our social media and tech team who will watching for fake insights like buying of likes or tags and fake tags, in the 7 days period our team will be checking profiles that are making progress on tags and will be checking for fake ratios and insights coming from these profile, the final stage will also be considered by bringing people back here on the forum to make a final “Done” forum post with their Twitter post link, this is why one of the rules states that stats from each person will be provided too.


That’s good, Thanks for update.

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Nice contest.

Just to clarify, is it just one post the contestants are making ? Also, is it 200 tags in the comment section. I.e 200 accounts tagging Capital Guild

Thanks in advance for clarifying.

Thank you for your question, on each post made if your post gets 200 tags of capitalguild as reactions then you qualify, so be creative with your posts.

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Hi @ELKHUSH, thank you for the proposal.

Spending $500 in a tag contest to increase followers is not effective imo. I’m pretty sure you can do a giveaway campaign with those steps requirement with one of the leading channel on NEAR with <200$ for better return? Just a recommendation.

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Hello @williamx thank you for the recommendation lol a lot has been happening and has got us all on our feet, it is quite hard to keep up with all these information but thank you, if you advice we change this proposal to a more fitting one, we most definitely can as we are very concerned about our every month growth and wouldn’t want to be affected in anyway, thank you for your review and looking forward to a response to this.