[PROPOSAL] Community Integrations Engineer Position - Catalyst/Open Web Sandbox

Proposal Overview

Vital Point AI (Guild) requests funding to contract a “Community Integrations Engineer” to work as dedicated developer/liaison and community manager to customize Catalyst to meet all Open Web Sandbox needs and help build the community/enable both contributors and project owners with using the platform.

Statement of Work (SOW)

Provide software engineering solution architecture, development, and implementation, product support, and community management as a Community Integrations Engineer for Catalyst customization and optimization to facilitate Open Web Sandbox (OWS)/Catalyst integration, onboarding and community development.

Statement of Requirements (SOR)

  • Manage and facilitate OWS/Catalyst integration acting as the primary point of contact and liaison officer between OWS leadership and Vital Point AI.

  • Work closely with the OWS leadership and Vital Point AI to develop, implement, and improve Catalyst features to satisfy OWS requirements with a view to generalizing those features for broader community use on the Catalyst platform.

  • Document, communicate and educate community members on existing and future Catalyst/OWS features through written/video tutorials, product documentation, blog posts, courses, and other content creation initiatives.

  • Facilitate the onboarding of existing and new OWS contributors and projects, communicating directly with contributors and project communities/community leaders to assist in their migration and use of Catalyst, to include engineering solutions for effortless migration from other platforms.

  • Engineer web 3.0 solutions for OWS/Catalyst that meet the needs of formerly web 2.0 based communities while maintaining Vital Point AI vision and philosophies concerning governance, decision-support, identity, data, and decentralization.

  • Engineer and implement evidence-based decision support solutions that rely on both quantitative and qualitative data and feedback from contributors, projects, and communities such as OWS using Catalyst to suggest and develop new Catalyst-wide functionality.

Qualifications and Competencies Required

  • Experience with JavaScript, React, and AssemblyScript as well as related technologies. A software engineering background/education is desirable.

  • Familiarity with crypto/blockchain technology and the NEAR ecosystem and the initiative and drive to stay abreast of developments while seeking out and seizing opportunities displaying a propensity for action.

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication abilities that include:

  1. Experience writing about technical concepts for a non-technical or semi-technical audience;

  2. Tutorial and informational video production and editing;

  3. Comfort with social media communication and presence; and

  4. Basic graphic design abilities to facilitate message transmission and receipt.

  • Understanding of software development best practices, a grasp of a wide variety of popular technologies, and the ability to learn necessary concepts quickly.

  • Ability to manage, nurture, and grow communities including managing and motivating team members in the accomplishment of the mission.

  • Positive attitude, great communication, and the ability to foster a welcoming atmosphere.:blush: Must embrace diversity and inclusion that accepts people of all levels of knowledge and backgrounds.

Reporting and Accountability

  • Minimum – end of week reporting in appropriate area on gov.near.org describing current week’s work and progress/objectives completed and while setting objectives for the upcoming week

  • Minimum – seek out bi-weekly feedback from OWS and Vital Point AI leadership on performance and work completed

  • Submit weekly payout proposals, referencing weekly report, to the Vital Point AI Sputnik DAO. (Will transition to Catalyst once available on NEAR/Ceramic MainNets).

  • Prepare and submit a post on gov.near.org detailing work completed from 1 Jun 21, then submit payout proposal to the Vital Point AI Sputnik DAO. Payout amount TBD pending contract approval from the CommunitySquad DAO.

Contract Duration: 1 June 2021 – 1 Sep 2021 (with possibility for extension)

Total Contract Compensation: $11430 Cdn - 6600 NEAR (includes +10% for accepting payment in NEAR at current price (18 0700hrs Jul 21 - $1.91))

Compensation considerations and justification :

  1. 1 Jun – present – hours worked with a view to enabling and readying Catalyst for MainNet release on NEAR/Ceramic including already completed work/customizations in support of OWS integration. (min 16 hrs/week from 1 Jun – 16 Jul (7 weeks) = 112hrs)

  2. 16 Jul – 1 Sep – full-time hours focused on Catalyst/OWS integration and requirements as listed in the aforementioned SOW/SOR. (min 40 hrs/week from 16 Jul – 1 Sep (8 weeks) = 320hrs

  3. Average hourly wage for junior software developer/engineer in Canada - $26.45 (source)

Notes and Clarifications

  1. Catalyst received 2500 NEAR on 30 Mar 21 to help fund development. 1800 of that was earmarked for Catalyst specific development. Approx 1700 of that still remains and will be added to the Vital Point AI Catalyst DAO once it moves to MainNet. This proposal is separate/distinct.

  2. A suitable individual (@Davantzis) has already been found/has been working specificially on OWS/Catalyst integration and/or Catalyst reqs to move to both NEAR/Ceramic MainNets since approx 1 Jun. This will properly compensate for work being done and dedicate him full time to this integration going forward. Potential to be used in same role for other project integrations in the future.

Thanks for your consideration.


Looks good @ALuhning! And we’ve been so happy to have you and @Davantzis on this.

A couple of administrative points: created a “vital-point-ai-guild” tag for your use for all Guild-related posts for ease of reference moving forward.

Also, please revise under “Reporting and Accountability” for the fourth bullet to read: “Payout amount TBD pending contract approval from the CommunitySquad DAO.” As this is a Vital Point AI Guild activity, the funding will be coming from the CommunitySquad DAO and not the OWS.

With the edits, looks like this can proceed to be posted to the CommunitySquad SputnikDAO. Thanks!


Done. Thanks @mecsbecs.

Update: I accidentally put in wrong payout for proposal #66 - please reject it and consider #67 in its place.