[PROPOSAL] Changes to the Poliedro catalogue

olá equipa,

acho que depois do lançamento do Poliedro #2 podemos alterar ligeiramente este projecto para ter uma componente mensal.

Proponho que passe a incluir:

  • curadoria de galerias 3xr e nearhubs
  • curadoria de obras de outras DAOs, com presença deste esforço nas redes
  • instalações online efémeras, numa lógica de blog
  • maior ímpeto e uma maior fluidez neste esforço de curadoria

Estes esforços podem proporcionar mais material para o momento em que é necessário fazer o catálogo, para além de que inclui outras DAOs e a comunidade no processo, o que pode criar oportunidades interessantes.



(In en and a bit more detailed, for the moderators team:)

  • the first catalogue had a more tradicional vibe: POLIEDRO #1 - Catalogue on Mintbase

  • it was created has an NFT and a printable catalogue

  • it was launched on Near Hubs, in collaboration with Muti DAO, and in a physical event near Lisbon

  • the current catalogue is being developed in a more dynamic fashion, with several virtual galleries being prepared, a Near Hub launch, a physical launch (Lisbon, Portugal), etc

  • what I am proposing here is that, instead of a twice-a-year ‘big’ project, we add a monthly aspect to it, taking advantage in our professional curatorial skills to the good of the community.

  • I am proposing:

  • that we do monthly curatorship of galleries by artists in the community
  • that we look more at the artwork produced in other DAOs in the community (for reference, we usually work for outreach of traditional artists) and curate virtual galleries and spread the word on social media, this way increasing the visibility of the community as a whole
  • that we, in the light of the NFTtropilis Art Fair, increase our efforts in producing content regarding our NFT markets
  • that we include our gorilla shops/mintbase stores directly on our website and develop a stronger presence on social media
  • that we focus more on artists and their needs, for example providing office hours for artists in our community
  • that we focus on Instagram because that is where 99% of the artists find us
  • (in numbers) that we create at least 5 virtual galleries per month of artists in our community; that we create at least 3 virtual galleries of artists in the NEAR general community; that we create at least 5 instagram stories showcasing different artists; that we try to attract buyers and sell at least 10 NFTs per month (outside of the NFTtropolos Art Fair)

I really think the community needs our help in this, and this would strongly benefit the quality and scope of our Poliedro catalogue, by increasing the material from which we can choose.


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Hello again,
I would also like to propose that we add a specific page on our website, www.incubadoradao.org, and that we use that page to showcase projects from the community.

The NFT market on NEAR is lacking, and I think we have the means to help it grow.

The value we are requesting now includes:

  • a monthly value for the Poliedro #3 Catalogue - December 250$
  • efforts designing a webpage to be included in our website (incubadoradao.org) with constant curatorial efforts; pretty much like a work-in-progress art catalogue - 300$

Total: 550$

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