[COUNCIL] October Report

This topic is for individual reports of the council members.

My individual report:


  • I took care of Incubadora’s mintbase store. Minted 18 new NFTs including artworks showcased at NearCon’s Nft gallery + Incubadora logos + Results of our Bounty

  • I further researched about Future art ecosystems, VR and Metaverse reading the publication made by Serpentine UK, to collect ideas for Poliedro catalogue and next editions of Incubadora projects

*I hosted the remaining sessions of Poliedro Art Residency

  • I contacted Letícia a few times to manage Twitter content during Near Con

  • I contacted @hevertonharieno (Cudo DAO) to edit some Poliedro sessions to be available for the public and also to be presented during Near Con

Artist Stipend Program

  • I met @jmemediato (selected artist of the Stipend Program) via Zoom to explain about Near, near wallet, conversion and so on

*I sent airdrops for the other applicants (one pending - Potira Maia) + helped them to create wallets when necessary.


  • I managed the Telegram group and finally created the pinned message to facilitate communication


  • I contacted the artist to ask for visuals for the catalogue + watched the recorded sessions to take some images from them + organized the folders in Incubadora Drive + I participated in the meetings with the Designer

Near Con

  • I was present at NearCon talking about Incubadora whenever I could and help showing people our beautiful NFT gallery


I invite other council members to do the same replying this post:

@frnvpr @herikalcn @Samiasns @mecsbecs @chaveirinha


It is always a pleasure to contribute to the work of the Incubator.


Hello all,

  • Council
    – voted on several proposals and helped @NatLoyola and @Vxz ideate their proposals to this council.
    – Had a meeting with @GiuliaCat which resulted in this proposal.

  • Catalogue/Poliedro
    – Arranged the studio rental.
    – Had 2 meetings with the catalogue designer.
    – Engaged with the artists to collect textual material and transcribed relevant references from some of the Poliedro meetings.

  • Website
    – engaged with the designer about a couple of questions. Mostly providing feedback and organizing the group feedback.

  • Forum and TG
    – Helped moderate the TG channel.
    – Helped organize the forum posts and provide clarity for the community about both the bounty (logo) and the stipends results.
    – engaged with the Marketing DAO vertical in order to clarify the usage of the Near logo (for our website and catalogue).
    – engaged with Mintbase representatives for the same reason.

    – Attended Nearcon and represented Incubadora in talks with other DAOs and media (e.g. Dinheiro Vivo, financial online magazine).

  • Astrodao
    – made the migration from sputnikdao to astrodao.


Hey there!

This was my first month as a inccuber :yum:

My main role as a council, besides engaging with my team and voting on several proposals, was to take care of the report and fund request. Also, I had the opportunity to share some ideas with the crew and build together future activities.

(NearCon was definitely cool!)


Best picture ever!! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::star_struck:


Hey everybody!

  • As a member of the council I participated in the meetings between the group to organize and adjust our actions and voted on several proposals that were active.

  • I’ve been in contact with our website designer to manage and guide our website development. I also produced all portuguese textual content and organized image content that will be available in this new communication channel.

  • Produced content and managed our Instagram channel.

  • Contact with Letícia (the person responsible for the communication on Twitter) to pass on the informations and contents.

  • I was also in contact with some artists from Poliedro and Stipend program to collect content for social media.

  • Helped one of the new council members, @herikalcn, to understand how the Near ecosystem works and how to work in the different channels for the council’s work.

  • I was in the process of writing one of the texts that will appear in the Poliedro Catalog.

:kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:


Hi everyone,

This was also my first month at Incubadora!

As a recent member I have participated in two group meetings and have started working on the website focusing mainly on creating its english version.

More to come!


Hello hello,

Last but not least :wink:

For the month of October my focus was mainly on NEARCON and ensuring that local to Lisbon and Portugal artists were displayed in the NFT Gallery, including the works by Incubadora’s as seen on Mintbase.

I also participated in voting on proposals as they came in.