[Proposal] Change in Arroz Criativo council

Hi there,

As per the plan when @raquelareia joined, I will be stepping down from the council per this month.
I have learnt a lot being on the council and it’s time that someone else gets an opportunity to be part of the council, the council for such big community benefits from different voices and opinions being heard.

Alice from Plantasia will take my place as a trial for May, but the whole council at Arroz are confident that Alice will be a great addition and will be welcome as a longer term fixture if she so desires.
I will still be at Arroz and around for having my brain picked, but my time will be focused on off-chain festival work for End of The Road Festival in the UK and on producing Isodea Festival and starting GoldenBlueDAO.

Link to Astro here: Astro


Thanks @Mette!
See you around :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for you support, Mette. :heart:

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Just to let you know, Alice’s (@plantasia) personal wallet is itsaturn.near

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@Mette wish you all the luck with your festivals! They are going to be awesome! All the best!