[Proposal] Chain Team Tactics

Chain Team Tactics is a blockchain based game that is all about hiring new units as NFTs to create the best team possible.

Each token represents one of a total of 20 different class types. Each unit has a certain rarity type (common, rare, epic or legendary) which affects their stats and visuals.

1. Hiring new Units

Each player can hold up to 60 units

You can hire new units in the game for different prices, depending on their rarity. Legendary units are only sold during special events.

Each unit has a class type with an unique special ability

Everytime you hire a new unit, it will contain different stats and different appearance, depending on rarity.
Example of different classes:
“Priests” are a healer kind of unit

“Knights” are a tank kind of unit
“Archers” are a dps kind of unit
All units are tradeable and players can do so in the marketplace.

2. Fighting other players

Once you have 8 units, you can set your formation and queue up against other players where the best team with the best formation will win in an automatic fight.

The strategy in most fights will often be to pair units that synergize with each other, like putting a healer next to a tank and putting glass cannons on the back of your formation so that they stay protected during the fight.

Some classes can also counter other classes, to increase the depth of strategy in the game. For example, tanks counter dps units - while dps units counter healer units.

3. Real multiplayer

CTT aims to make skill an important factor into the game, so that it’s not just about Play to Earn, it’s also about competition, for that reason, fights are real multiplayer.

So, you queue up a match and you will fight your opponent in a system that waits for the opponent to make a move.

The way it works is simple, each fight has 3 turns:

  1. Both players will fight blindly with their current formations
  2. Once turn 1 is over, both players reposition their units, but the player that lost the first match will get to position after his opponent, giving him an opportunity to react
  3. This last turn only happens if there is a tie, where another blind match will happen.

These turns happen over the course of a few hours, where players will be notified about each formation change in the client.

4. Making Units Stronger

In CTT you can level up your units by fighting other opponents, where they will earn experience.

You also can train your units for a period time to give them a boost in stats

And their rarity (common, epic, etc) also makes them stronger in general.


Hi - how can i find you on either Discord or telegram?

We have couple question + wanted to send you service agreement for which we’d need more info :slight_smile: