(Proposal) C1 cryptovoxel event and Auction Feb


We are planning to kick off C1’s Cryptovoxel auction to promote the artists who have contributed art work to the guilds mintbase store.

This will involve a carefully selected first round of art and artists to be introduced and presented. We will have the artists discuss the pieces either licensor through streamed videos on our twitch channel.

There will be music to vibe to, and people to kick it with.

We would request 1k for the event which includes the set up of the venue space and the selection of art, the connecting with artists and overseeing the submission to video descriptions and introductions.

We would request bounties of $500

$400 will be used to create art for advertising,
And 100 will be used to purchase a piece of art from the auction house and air dropped to the person who tweets and retweets about the event the most.

Total ask is 1500



I say YES fam, let’s take it to The C1 gallery and spread value to C1 creators.

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