[Proposal] Burrito Battle - Building MVP

A long time ago, in a meadow far far away, there lived a society of burritos that shared in peace among others.


Burrito Battle is a full ecosystem of adventures for Burritos. It allows its users community and player-owned economies. Is a decentralized game living on NEAR Protocol.


Burrito Battle is an NFT video game builded in the NEAR Protocol Ecosystem.

Burrito Battle is:

  • The first donkey-based game on NEAR Protocol.
  • Player Vs Environment (PvE) game.
  • Player Vs Player (PvP) game.
  • A highly oriented on-chain videogame.
  • A sovereign economy videogame for each individual.
  • A Decentralized Autonomous Organization.
  • A Action RPG, 2D and Indie Game.
  • An open source project.

We expect to not consider ourselves as a Play-To-Earn videogame. Preventing overflowing the market with tokens is a key for Burrito Battle Success.


Be the number one blockchain videogame ecosystem on the world.


Bring video games players a real, funny and entertaining experience through decentralized platforms.

Burrito DAO

Burrito DAO is the coordination tool and owner of the project in its decentralized phase.

Holders of Burrito Battle Tokens will have the opportunity to make choices on the present and future of Burrito DAO.

Burrito DAO is also a technological tool, builded on the top of Astro DAO (astrodao.com) that can make upgrades to Burrito Battle smart contracts.

Current state

Update Nov 1/2022

  • An early access version to a closed group is now available on mainnet, ask to join on discord :horse:
  • Website is now available: burritobattle.app
  • Testnet version is still available on testnet.burritobattle.app

In August 2022 there is already a first version of Burrito Battle in the testnet network, which has the first gameplay modes and acquisition of NFTS.

In this first version there are the battle modalities against wild burritos, which is characterized by being a player versus cpu battle in which if we win we can obtain rewards in $STRW Tokens.

The second game mode is the incursions, in which we can cooperate with other nine players to defeat a mega burrito and we can win a great reward of $STRW tokens.

Will also have the possibility of accessing the silo to mint new burritos and be able to access the barn where we can consult all the burritos and see each of their characteristics.


Also when consulting the information of each burrito we will be able to verify its victory counter, where if it is already 10 we will have the possibility of evolving to increase its statistics.

We will also be able to see all the burritos whose life counter is 0 which we can no longer use and we will have the option to revive these burritos to continue using them in combat.

Currently there is also a merchant, which only has the function of selling $STRW Tokens, and once purchased, the merchant disappears for 12 hours.

Roadmap & milestones

Date: 2022/Nov/1st

Phase Task Description Status
Minimum viable product 1 Launchment of Burrito DAO Done
2 Design of game prototype In progress
3 Launchment of $STRW token on mainnet In progress
4 Launchment landing page In progress
5 Launchment of prototype on mainnet - Early access is now available (Nov 1) Done
6 Get funding for the MVP Pending
7 Launchment of Burritos Fortress (PvP) Pending
8 Launchment of Burrito’s hospital and citadel Pending
8 Launchment of $BRBT governance Token Pending
9 Launchment of Battle Pass Pending
10 Launchment of Aura Pending
11 Launchment of Weapons Pending
12 History Mode (1st chapter) Pending
13 Multiplayers and chat on map Pending
Open World Adventure 14 Get funding for Open World Adventure Pending
15 Launchment of Diamonds and Iron tokens. Pending
16 Launchment of skins Pending
17 Launchment of pets Pending
18 Launchment of lands and islands Pending
19 Launchment of buildings Pending
20 Launchment of potions and weapons Pending
21 Building of decentralization mechanism Pending

Full whitepaper

Here is the full whitepaper

Requesting 10,000 NEAR
We are requesting 10,000 tokens to human guild to finalize the Minimum Viable Product of Burrito Battle, as detailed in roadmap.