[[proposal]] [[Brazilian Music Near: Koé presents]


Carlos Roberto Escouto - escouto.near
Alexandre Macieira - macieira.near
Koé Records - koerecords.near
Isa Danoninho - isadanoninho.near

NEAR account for payment: octopodedao.near


07/12 to 08/05 - Creation of NFT’s, promotion and mintage at mintbase

19/07 to 02/08 - Vlog creation: the content of this vlog will be the making off of the band’s travel between Florianopolis and Santa Cruz do Sul and the band’s concert at Legend Music e Bar

22/07 to 03/08 - Edition of the video show ''Koé invites

22/07 - live show Brazilian Music Near: Koé presents

04/08 to 08/08 - exhibition at cryptovoxels


Title: Brazilian Music Near: Koé presents


The project’s goal is to promote Brazilian music authorial works on Near. This month the selected band ‘‘Koé Records’’ will present its partner musicians that work in the same musical segment, they are:

Kauan Shinn - Login • Instagram

Sslttnunes - Login • Instagram

Mael - Login • Instagram

The show will take place in person at Legend Music and Bar - and will be recorded, then edited, mixed and made available for exposure on cryptovoxels and Octopode DAO’s social media.


Holding events and exhibitions is an incentive for our artists to continue producing and publishing their work on the Mintbase-NEAR platform. DaO octopode positions itself on its values and principles generating relevant actions for the community and help the growth of the network, strengthening even more the Mintbase-NEAR network and showing the effectiveness of receiving more artistic expressions. The project is the continuation of the project ‘‘Musica Brasileira na Near’’ that instead of occurring its 3rd edition will invest again in the band Koé records aiming its promotion in mintbase-near space and its better performance with the creation of NFT’s of the artistic works. In addition, the project will promote a total of 8 artists; five from Koé records and the other three guests. All these artists during the month and especially close to the exhibition date will promote the mintbase-near platform calling their audience to get to know the platform and the collections of NFT’s that will be on it.


The Action: Brazilian Music on NEAR is an event that intends to show the diversity of Brazilian music in search of bands, musicians, sounds and musical artistic varieties throughout the Brazilian territory. It is a project that intends to bring the artist of Brazilian music to the Mintbase-NEAR platform and insert it in the metaverse, thus offering an additional opportunity to show their work and get paid for it. In this way, we guarantee the historical record turning this art into NFTs. The photos and short videos will also be organized on cryptovoxels, but we hope to find a place on 3XR Space or another platform where we can hold an exhibition with all the works together.


1 show from 30 minutes
1 vlog from 11 minutes
10 NFT’s
live broadcasted during the event by Octopode DAO


500 USD in Near - Koé records - eight caches, audiovisual and sound production and publicity.

300 USD in Near - escouto.near - cultural production, writing and final project report, curation of the band, support of the band during the whole process, promotion and executive production on the day of the physical event.

150 USD in Near - macieira.near - support in creating NFT’s and organizing in 3xR space

150 USD in Near - isadanoninho.near - creation of publicity arts


Report temporary

The four artistic products of the proposal began their construction on July 22nd when the show ‘‘Koé invites: Mael, Shin and sltt’’ took place at Legend Music and Bar in Santa Cruz do Sul.
All four products were related to this event and therefore the delivery now in early August.

Disclosure Cards -

Link card 1 Live 22/07 - - Login • Instagram

Link card 2 Live 22/07 - Login • Instagram

Link live made by octopode dao during the show - Login • Instagram

featured instagram -

After that day the videos were being edited for delivery on 03/08.

The exhibition of the four products will go to the cryptovoxels in the mintbase space and will be available from 04/08. The poster is already ready and will be sent to the social media of octopode dao.


Congrats @Carlos This project is going well and we have many ideas for the Octopode’s self-sustainability, very good man.

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NFTs Exhibition at the 3XRSpace of the 3rd edition of the Brazilian Music NEAR

NFT Brazilian Music NEAR 3rd Edition - KOÉ RECORDS

NFT produced with images to compose the 3XRSpace gallery.
NFT #003 Koé Records 3rd Edition Brazilian Music NEAR Next | July 22, 2022

NFTs produced during the night of July 22 live from Koé on the night of July 22.

NFT #001 Koé Records 3rd edition of Brazilian Music Live from Koé on the night of July 22, 2022

NFT #002 Koé Records 3rd edition of Brazilian Music Next | July 22, 2022

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