[PROPOSAL] Art Therapy class with exposition

[PROPOSAL] Art Therapy class with exposition

A project for art therapy class and an exposition of the final arts.


With this project new people can come to NEAR (like students of the subject); people can create deep art and this immersion attached them with the ecosystem; the exposition will bring engagement of the DAO members and bring other people to know the DAO.

the project

We will host, in Near Hub, an art therapy class where the students will create guided and personal art. After this we will share the arts in an exposition and start a meet and greets for the members of Spiritual DAO to meet the artists and their arts.

For this we need:

  • Art therapy teacher - 300USD
  • Ambassador/host for the exposition - 100USD
  • DJ - 100USD


As explained in main Spiritual DAO Founding proposal of august 2022

Final products

A art therapy class with at least 5 students with their art minted on Mintbase and an exposition of the work

Subtotal: 500USD