[Proposal] Apply 3D Gallery into educational material for travel brochure design classes

This is part of VN Artists Dao July Funding Request (Overview)


  • To experiment applying 3XR 3D Gallery tool into educational material for travel brochure design classes at university. We kick off with the design class of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities - Vietnam National University.

  • Creating a broader play ground for art students & onboard them to VAD

  • Connect with university co strenghen the application of web3 tool (now with 3XR gallery) into real life

Method to implement:

  • We’ll organize a competition to gather travel brochure design works of students at USSH-Vietnam National University & compress them into 3D galleries

  • Art students will be onboarded to mint their NFTs

  • Onboard teachers involved into the judging process of the competition

  • After competition, we’ll work together with teachers to apply those galleries into different lessons as a tool to showcase the example artworks for students, this way we can generate organic view of the galleries in each course through time.

Time span:

  • Open call for the competition: July 10th - July 23rd

  • Result announcement: July 25th

  • After-event working with teachers: July 25th - July 29th

  • Workshop from Binance to NEAR (To be organized by councils with no cost): Expected June 30th

Metrics to measure success:

  • Expect >30 new members to join TG

  • Over 18 New artworks (conversion 60% of new members) to be minted on VAD’s Store

  • Social media impact to be shared by groups, pages of Vietnamese communities

  • A complete set of Galleries (number depends on the No. of entries) for educational material in travel brochure design classes. With the conversion of at least 100 organic view each semester.


No. Task Cost
1 First Prize 200
2 Second Prize 150
3 Third Prize 100
4 Most engaging entries (2 prize x 75$) 150
5 Guest judge from the university 100
6 Posters & Publication 100
7 Editing and minting entries into 3D galleries (expected 3 hours): $150 150
8 Revise educational material with the teacher (expected 5 hours): 250 250
9 Private call sessions to help students mint their work (To be done as council work) 0
10 Workshop from Binance to NEAR (To be done as council work) 0
Total 1200

Link to the main proposal: [Proposal] VN Artists Dao – JULY 2022 Funding Request (Overview)


Hey @williamx can you clarify the reasoning for using “travel brochures” as the template for entries here?

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Hi @ted.iv, the theme of travel is getting hot in Vietnam right now with the recovery of tourism, so entries are expected to be useful as a source of reference. I have a background in tourism (the university in the proposal is my former uni) so a conversation with the teacher for travel brochure was made before this proposal. Running this we’ll have experience to assess entries. The use of 3XR matches the need of our target group right now, students need a source of reference for their assignments in brochure designing classes & those are also their main tasks when doing internship, so I believe we can generate good long-term usage of the galleries created. So the theme was chosen because it seems suit our target group & expertise right now.


Ok, thanks for clarifying, @williamx !