[Proposal] ANIMALS

Timeline: August
Wallet: fatokunmayowa.near

Hello Everybody,

Thank you for taking time to read my proposal.

My name is Mayowa ‘Big M’ Fatokun, I am a writer and musician, I would love to propose this project to Near Writer’s Guild.

I joined the ecosystem in December, 2022 and since then it has been an amazing journey for me and along the way completing different projects with different DAOs and Guilds but one notable project is ‘The Educated Tout Anthology’ that I completed with the Near Writer’s Guild.

It was an amazing opportunity to express myself, showcase my creativity to the world and put my art on exhibition.

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to the entire council members of this guild for accepting me.

About this project

This poetry Anthology is titled ANIMALS. This project is a work of art designed to create imageries of animals, describe them in facts and also expose the poet’s impression of these animals.

There are many animals out there, most of them wild and daily domesticated, they are a bunch of lovely beings if properly trained. My love for animals and a bid to make learning about them interesting have prompted me to embark on this amazing poetic journey.

The ecosystem is growing daily and the Near Writer’s Guild is daily contributing its quota in creativity and one way by which that is ensured is when new materials are produced on a regular basis, which will grab people’s attention and further open their eyes to the beauty of this Guild and the ecosystem in general.

This poem about Animals is meant for all but specifically written using simple poetic terms so everybody can enjoy it.
The poem will have illustrations or images of animals being written about to ease the mental processing for readers.

Also, this will be the first book of its series as I plan to make it two which means in the end, there will be Books 1 and 2.

Each book will have 20poems (with illustrations or images) about animals and after the completion, the books will be minted on the Near Writer’s Guild.

Action Plan.
One Book per month starting from August
I plan to write and release one book per month which means 2books, 2 months which also means after this month, I will use another month, which will be agreed upon by the guild to write and submit the second book for minting.

To make it more interesting, there will be questions at the end of each poem to serve as evaluation.

Graphics: 50usd
Research, Writing and typesetting: 550usd
Total: 600usd

When this proposal is approved, I will require 50% (300usd) upfront and resquest for 50% (300) when done.

Thank you, long live the Guild.
Near Forever.

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