[Proposal] anaREС (vol.2) - sound-nft experiment by D-LAYER (United Belarus DAO)

Project Members:


Funding: monthly

target: techdir.near

Total Requested Funding Amount in USD: 540 USD

Hello creative community. The month has come to an end, the results of the last proposal and the report on it you can find here.
I would like to continue working on the project, my plans are to visit new locations and continue to interact with objects and space. Let me remind you that the locations of the previous case were more quiet than loud (empty beach, forest, kitchen), with the exception of the hotel lobby with an orchestra.
The second part of the project will focus on crowded palaces (theater, stage preparation, rehearsals, train station and food supermarket).I continue to explore the analog world of sounds in order to create a full-fledged Library of the Analog World (L.A.W). The mechanics of the project will be the same, these will be recordings on a professional recorder, from these sounds I will make full-fledged tracks.

Also, to promote the project, I am going to participate in the live Internet radio “RadioPlato” with my first release of anaREC, where through an interview I will talk about the NEAR Ecosystem, what is DAO, of course I will talk about belDAO, d-layer and others and what opportunities NEAR gives. By the way, d-layer is considering the “RadioPlato” project as a potential member of the DAO community.

sound recording of 10 sounds = 100 USD

creating a track from the sounds = 130 USD

mastering=80 USD

design covers for every soundNFT of collection = 50 USD

design of the collection cover = 50 USD

minting material as NFTs (10 NFTs) = 130 USD

Total: 540 USD