[Proposal] AMA sessions with INA artists for June

We are doing another round of AMA sessions to meet the artists in our DAO.

For our June session we already have 4 artists booked with dates and times.

June 2 18:00UTC - Johanga, moderator: Gemini Rising
June 9 17:00UTC - Kambodja (Elena Yakushina), moderator: Gemini Rising
June 16th 14:00UTC - Cedrick, moderator: Klara Kopi
June 23rd 14:00UTC - Krizzy, moderator: Belu Espina

We intend to provide them with a stipend to participate, as well as a stipend for the moderator/translator for each event.

Telegram didn’t work that well last time, so we are going to try to do them on Instagram. If that fails we will do them on Zoom.