[Proposal] Alas DAO: Attracting donors with innovative technology and social-educational drives

Project title: ALAS DAO

Alas DAO will be the driving force and governance structure to achieve our goal:
Attracting donors with innovative technology and social-educational drives.

Project DAO : Metagov DAO , Alas DAO

Project members

  • Torsten Goerke (kn00t.near)
  • Fernando Bravo (fbravo.near)

DAOs as a mechanism for community driven learning (Eugene Leventhal)

Background: Open Guitar

OpenGuitar is a social-educational project to promote computer science learning through an open-source experimental classical guitar, which can be assembled in small workshops. The main focus group for the guitar will be novice, hobbyist, and semi-professional musicians. These groups include the largest percentage of musicians, and generally have a greater amount of disposable income. We additionally want to appeal to an environmental-conscious consumer group, looking to find alternative products which are not produced in an environmentally harming manner. We estimate that the younger, more mobile consumers will be interested in the light-weight design, high transportability and digital output features of the instrument. Another interesting target group are technology-enthusiasts and musicians producing technology-derived music, which will be particularly apt at realizing the full potential of the plugged acoustic instrument and the digital connection with a phone or computer, enabling mobile recording and real-time sound streaming.

About us

We are Fernando Bravo, a cognitive neuroscientist working on music technology and Torsten Goerke, a technologist working on research data infrastructure.

We are both guitar players and joined forces to empower music educators all over the world by making high quality instruments available to them for teaching music students.

“I would love to give a guitar to an educator without any costs if I can be sure the instrument is used in a useful way. I would be happy to leave it with an music teacher if she promises to give one or two lectures per month to children living in their area.” – Fernando Bravo

Alas Pathways

“Pushing our self past our boundaries of limitation and extreme, sometimes to something that knocks off our comfort zone, it creates new neuro pathways with our brain, we become smarter, wiser, more clarity, our life becomes more fulfilling. Only because we have a totally new experience. We get a new brain with that. Neuroplasticity”
― Angie Karan

To get started Alas DAO will pave two pathways, one for guitar builders and one for guitar players.

Builders pathway

Goal: Compensate for materials cost. We will provide a complete set of parts to build-your-own open guitar for people donating over 500 Euros (~100N).

The instrument building process is designed as an engaging and creative activity, which teaches a wide range of skills, from 3D design and hands-on woodworking to computer aided manufacturing (CAM), sensor-robotics and computer programming with a focus on
the elemental math behind digital signal processing.

Phase 1: Hackathon where educators and students build their own instrument. Attendance will be proven by “Alas Builders 2021” badge, based on NFT (see below). After this phase some dozen of OGs will be in circulation, we will move to phase 2.

Phase 2: OpenGuitar works to provide an education ‘bundle’ in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, math) through the construction, manipulation and playing of a musical instrument. The core concept underlying the OpenGuitar is that, although it can work as a normal piezo driven nylon-string guitar, to get the best sound out of it, one needs to plug it
into a computer. The OpenGuitar is equipped with an electronic pickup system that allows the connection with specialised computer software, which in turn enables a broad spectrum of sound and music making capabilities.

Requested fund for Phase 1 is 100 NEAR. For Phase 2 we request a budget of 1000 NEAR that we will split into separate chunks. Proposals will be governed by Alas DAO and than submitted to the Fund DAO.

Players pathway

Phase 1 Goal: Raise incentive money for educators.

OG’s will be given to (friendly) educators. Altruists fund OG’s. Educators teach Students. Once we have reached a funding cap for 3 OG’s we move to Phase 2.

Phase 2 Goal: Teach & Learn

OG’s will be given to (potentially untrusted) educators. OG’s treated are as “common goods”. Educators risk losing stake on OG’s misuse.

Requested funds for Phase 1 is 200 NEAR per OG we ship to educators arround the world. After completion of Phase 2 Alas DAO will be self-sustainable.


A tentative roadmap for Alas DAO including badges, on-ramp from fiat, geo anchoring, data unions, staking and some more ideas on NFTs is in the works.

Links : Open Guitar, Slides


Alas DAO is alive.


Hey this is really cool! For the Ideation portion of the hackaton the payout is 10 NEAR, what are some of the ways this project can benefit NxM members? If you’re not already in our NxM telegram and discord groups, please do join, it would be good to get feedback from the community and get involved!


Thank you for your feedback. I joined the groups and will join the conversation soon. The main focus for the “players pathway” is to connect students and (guitar) teachers. This will be the foundation for further OG development.

As musicians we are part of blockchain music networks. You might want to check Audius We would be glad to provide more work (video, audio, livin room concerts) to the NxM community.

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[Proposal] The plain text of all proposals is viewable by everybody in the NEAR explorer. We want to experiment to link to saltpack encrypted (and signed) proposals using keybase. Just in case this will be needed. #alasdao

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Hi @tgoerke, could you resubmit a new payout proposal to Metagov DAO with your new DAO (inside of your personal NEAR wallet) as the payout target? Also, your payout amount should be 30 NEAR, if your intent is to participate in the Gov Challenge Starter Week!

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Thank you. I resubmitted the proposal.

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This is the code for my demo app based on payments-api. Video Demo, Slides are linked from there:

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This is an early prototype to track transactions. The guitar pick points to the openguitar near wallet. The heart points to NFC love - a service to send love messages that we use to experiment with the idea to setup our own web app.

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About the signalling function of money. If I offer 5 EUR in a bakery in exchange for some bread, what does that mean? It’s a question: Do you trust that this 5 EUR will be useful in the near (no pun intended) future? If the baker takes the money and hands out the bread, she says: Yes, I trust.

We at Alas DAO got our initial treasury from @sasha Baksht, Learn NEAR so basically he paid the DAO creation for us. We took the money signalling trust. We want to forward this trust now into more DAOs by this payout proposal: SputnikDAO

This is an Experiment with DAO-to-DAO interactions. using the tools at hand.


We will conduct more workshops in collaboration with NxM community and we will soon be ready to send build-your-own open guitar kits to educators. Players pathway:

Goal: Raise incentive money for educators.

  1. OpenGuitar make it yourself pack

  2. project with disadvantaged kids in Europe.

  3. funds for deeply disadvantaged regions


Update: If one out of two council members cannot vote for technical reasons, proposals fail. Therefore I sent 1N to sprintwithcarlos.near he asked for some funds for the initial treasury of his DAO…


Enough of Governance? “Jimmy decides to put together a band consisting of friends and people he encounters”@mattlockyer

I would like to pair up with a visual artist using @GNR8_ together with live coded music. Here’s an performance by me for Solstice 2020

Let’s figure out the details together.


We started our OpenGuitar Project workshops in La Pampa (Argentina). Please help us to get OpenGuitar into the world. Thank you all for your kind support.

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METABUIDL Co-Sponsoring proposal: Payment channels

(submitted via application form)

Payment channels are the transport layer in the open web. Using this channels for community-driven learning communities entails social engagement between its members as well as perpetual shared royalties for artists and educators.

We ask you to write a DApp and the neccesarry smart contract code that implements a payment channel preferably using signed transactions. Students should be able to initiate learning activities (events, jam sessions, workshops, etc.) for a given time period or learning activity, create a payment channel and submit signed micro-payments throughout the session. The teacher can withdraw and close the channel at any time within or after the session and funds are then transfered into his wallet.

Precautions should be taken that no funds are locked in the smart contract when acteurs misbehave or if there are mistakes. E.g. the funds locked in the contract should be withdrawn after a timeout period of no activity or after a predefined end date and delivered back to the student.

As a bonus, on successful completion of a training series, NFT badges can be shared between the mentor and the student using the same DApp.

We are looking forward to hear your ideas how the relationship in learning communities can be strengthened using payment channels.

The smart contract should be written in Rust but we will also accept solution using Solidity running on Aurora. In the first case the challenge would be the payment channel implementation in Rust while in the latter you can port existing contracts and the challenge would be a demonstrable working integration with Aurora.

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We are approaching a season of giving and as we all know, gifts do not need to be monetary. Coordinape circles allow us to collectively reward Alas DAO members and OpenGuitar contributors. We therefore decided to start experimenting with reward systems for decentralized collaboration. Our first Coordinape-round will run from 2021 - Nov 21 to Nov 28 and will repeat for 5 epochs of 7 days each that repeat on Sundays. Time to GIVE on Coordinape and show your appreciation for your fellow workers in Alas DAO.

The Alas DAO Bulletin #2