[proposal] a one day training/skill acquisition trip to ushafa hand craft art villa/musuem

Greetings creatives

I’m El Khush de Magnifico, founder and moderator to capital guild community.

Moderators :

As a moderator and member of Capital Guild community I have seen the beautiful impact of the creatives in the community and also looking at the recent interests of collectors for artworks, hand made art and sculpture NFTs.


I’m proposing a trip to Ushafa Pottery Hand craft Art Museum/Villa located here in the City of Abuja, Nigeria which is one of the places where most of the common hand made clay art we see in the streets of Abuja are made.

It is also going to serve as a skill acquisition trip for members of the community who are interested in learning hand made arts like Clay molding, simple foot wares, hand made bags, beads and ornaments, interested members will be thought how to make some simple hand made art which will all be minted on our Mintbase store.

It will also serve as an Onboarding trip as we will be spreading the web3 knowledge and introducing these creators in the museum to the NFT space.

During the process of learning and creating a handmade art, we will then take pictures of the finished art, the cameraman will make proper editing of the pictures to be minted as NFTs, collectors of any of these NFTs will unlock the physical art to be shipped to their locations.

As a community we are looking to build relationships with creatives in every aspect of art that can be showcased and minted on the Mintbase store, this is to further grow the community, expand our tentacles and also create a community for different people to meet and share ideas.

Below are some downloaded samples to further explain my thoughts.



  1. A trip with at least 10 members of the community.
  2. Create/Mint at least 7 clay NFTs & 10 photos of the museum as materials for creating these arts are quite expensive we can’t create more.
  3. Partnership with some independent business opportunities in cases of Art exhibition and promotions in the craft markets.
  4. Clay making experiment for interested members of the community.

Trip to the museum will be a one day visit as Ushafa is just 2 hours away from Abuja main city, we will all converge at one place to then move to the museum, we’ll be going with a camera man to take motion pictures and good photographs for the artworks that will be minted on our store as NFTs, physical hand craft will be available for shipment when collected on the community store.

We are also looking to capture some very beautiful pictures of the Musuem.

The trip is expected to take place on Saturday 17/09/2022.

Bounty for (3) organizers this includes arrangements and possibly visiting the Musuem to get their permission:
@Sammiee @Zeetanah @ELKHUSH: $130
Camera rental/Editing/bounty: $70
Transportation for all members including camera person and equipments to and fro: $200
Refreshments for at least 20 creatives
plus for creatives at the Musuem/Villa
we will be spending just half a day, members are expected to have had a proper meal before coming: $100.

I’m always available for more clarification and questions.

Cc: @creativesdao-council

Total requested: $500 in DAI
Target: elkhush1.near