[Project Proposal] finish song “Future is Near” and share it to the world

We’ve started creating a song “Future is Near” with @dmitryne

its not finished - need to make another verse, remake drums, fix the bridge part. It sounds like this now:

My Plan is:

The benefit from this project to NEAR is in spreading awareness about NEAR Protocol through art, to get the song like a hymn of NEAR

Request 200 $ for creating:

producing , composing, arrangement, manage all process: 100$

Video shooting ( for social media report also ) : 50$

Rent studio time with sound-engineer: 50$

After finishing i’ll put this track and video like NFT to Paras and Mintbase and promote it through social media (Telegram, Instagram, Youtube).

Also it’s possible to create mixes of the track with collaboration of NxM artists after like an extension of the project

This song is a part of a bigger plan… ( #6 Song "Call to change the world” ) ( GOA OpenWeb Community. Discussion of plans )

Studio can accept Near as a payment.

Our last event (real Music show with NFT contest):

[Approved] Making small music NEAR festival in Goa - #101 by jas

So, we can make a big move!


We’ll finish song , sing it on next open mic and maker video about it

I don’t understand why do you want to finish the song “Future Is NEAR”? I thought that this song is finished.
It will be minted on Mintbase on behalf of Beat DAO, where you will be included in one time payments and forever royalties, plus you, as a group who have created the song on NEAR Mixtape are going to receive $400… So why do you claim more?


And if it’s not finished, why do you want to include unfinished song to the Mixtape?


Let’s asked everyone) that’s why I make new post.
I need your comments , guys.
We can make songs, can make Reggie, rock or even hip-hop😁
Can make music jams, or open mics every week🤟
I think That’s what’s we needed to spread idea of freedom over Goa -
I want to understand what they need the most …

It’s not finished. Just one part, one verse.
Sorry for claim if it’s not suit for this…
Ok , we can make another song.

Regarding the title “(…)and share it to the world”… We will be trying to show each single track from the Mixtape to the world and promote it in the best appropriate way to reach listeners, your shared material on the group as well as video from the studio will be used for promo on Twitter and IG.


If it’s going to be a remix then this has more sense, but I need to ask once again… Why haven’t you made second verse in the the first place and now you are requesting for the funds to finish the original submitted song to the Mixtape?

Don’t you think that it would be better to make full and perfect song in the first place for the Mixtape rather than making it for 50% and requesting funds to make it for 100%?

Indeed, this song is good in my opinion.

So if it’s going to be a remix with whole different music, lyrics and arrangement then I believe it’s ok.

Cool idea, potential to take Near viral for a rather small invest.

Also saw this tweet recently and had to laugh. It’s catchy! https://twitter.com/DeFiManagement/status/1464163187268456448

After first recording session in studio we decide with you @dmitryne that we need second verse and change drums line and do some mastering staff. and you was agree with that…
Why you saying different thing now… ?
this song need second recording session in studio, for sure… - we can make it really rocky :love_you_gesture:
but you’re right this is your responsobility - do like you want @dmitryne

That’s why we making it. Near + Rock’n’roll can be really MASSIVE and loud( and viral, for sure)
we’ll figure it out how to make it viral :love_you_gesture:

Hey @denni_wild is this proposal the same as this one?

I also don’t see the direct benefit to NxM in the proposal. Does the quote below mean that only NxM is included in a different project?

Hope you can clarify for the @NxM council. Cheers!

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Honestly, i dont think that collaboration with other NxM artists is actual for me now…
I have many musicians around me now - so i am started constantly telling them about my idea to create songs in this direction :cowboy_hat_face:
so, i think, it will be like a LP “Future of Freedom”

wanna talk about direct benefit to NxM too…
we can make a weekly livestreams of local music talants…
like this
Keep it local - Goa edition :grinning: :sunglasses: