[Project Proposal] An Online Singing competition

An online singing competition:

My name is a Abdulkareem Oyeneye, I am an event planner and a music expert involved in organizing events, distribution, promotion, listening, playlists and marketing of music.

I have collaborated with some of the top artists of today to host events and fests in my city( find picture and video below)

I distributed and marketed all Larkim’s music Hollup, Reality Cheque ep, “Banké” feat. Dotman and Olakira which garnered over hal a million streams on major platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and BoomPlay.(see pictures below)

My marketing skill evolves around in-house growth, community development and building a strong audience.

The idea behind the online music competition is to attract music creatives and their fans all over the world with the cash price given to the winner…

1)The Question is what makes it different from every other competition?..


The competition is going to be a very engaging one,…it’s not going to involve just the artist…

It’s going to involve the artists and their fans/followers…


The 2nd stage:The singers are going to be given a beat and 3words (“Near” “Cypto” “Invest”) to foster their music around with.The beat would be produced by an in-house producer of the NXM community

In this stage, the contestants will have already been narrowed down to 10 singers,

10 singers battling for the cash price.

Requirements to vote:

  1. must have a near wallet

  2. must be a member of the NXm family

By doing this, All 10 contestants will be determined to win thereby telling their fans about Nxm and near wallet creating traffic for us

Top 3 contestants with the highest votes wins…


The winners are going to mint their entry song with the original beat given.

The contestants would sing their original songs with an original beat made by producers from the NXM community.

This competition will hold every month ( 3weeks precisely)

1weeks for campaign , submission and selection of top 10 contestants

1weeks for the voting:

The prerequisite for eligible of vote is to have a near wallet and join the nxm community.I intend to onboard 50 - 100 people to create a near wallet for this first phase.Next month,the competition will grow even more bigger and better.

Estimated budget:$500

Social media campaign & graphic flyers, promotional video clips: -$250

Awareness would be made on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter via a sponsored advert post in order to scout for contestants.

Sponsor advert on Instagram:$50

Sponsored advert on Twitter: $50

Sponsored advert on WhatsApp Tv: $50

Graphics & promotional video: $100

Grand Prize: $200

1.The first runner up would be awarded $40

2.The second runner up would be awarded $60

  1. The winner would be awarded:$100

Recording, mixing & mastering:$50

A producer from the NXM house would make the beat for the competition.

I am happy to always come up with refreshing ideas for this community and I look forward to receiving your response.

Thank you for your time and support,

Warm regards.

Abdulkareem Oyeneye(Supercoolkay)
@Paul @Monish016 @


Hey! Thanks for submission!

Could you please provide the list of the top artists that you have collaborated with along with the links which are highlighting your works?

I am glad to receive your response @Paul. I am allowed to embed just a link

Below is the image proof to some of the artist I have collaborated (An event hosted with Olakira the popular Maserati crooner and Tm9ja)

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Success achieved from my music marketing skills for Larkim’s music catalog

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Hey @Supercoolkay , please register your wallet in NEAR Guilds App, as we are implementing new process of NxM membership. Please join there, as stated wallets will have privilege to request funding from NxM.

In order to join, please do the following steps:
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Hello @Paul
I just did that.
Thanks for the reminder.

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Hey @Supercoolkay unfortunately we can’t fund your proposal in this month. Feel free to submit it once again in the next round of funding.

Also, we would like to see you as more active member in our community, therefore please try to attend in our community calls and stay in touch with the NxM, as this have positive impact during reviewing process.

Many Thanks!


Thanks for the response @Paul I appreciate every bit of your time.

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