[Free Service] Need a Subgraph for Your Project?


Vital Point AI is now building subgraphs for projects that need them. We’ve been resourced to provide this service to the NEAR community and want to hear from you if you have a project that could use our help.

We have a couple subgraph developers ready to go and more on the way. The subgraph we build for your project will be housed in a directory (to come) of NEAR subgraphs available for you or anyone else in the ecosystem to use. We believe it will accelerate application development and improve composability and prevent duplication of effort as one typically only needs to build a subgraph once.

Wondering why you might need a subgraph?

If you’re building an app, it can be much more performant if it isn’t querying the chain for every piece of information it needs. Some people run indexers to get at that chain data in a more performant way. Subgraphs on The Graph essentially take care of that indexing for you and you simply query the subgraph. Removes a bunch of complexity involved with setting up and keeping an indexer running.

Currently, the subgraphs are hosted on The Graph’s Hosted Service; however, Vital Point AI intends to move them to the decentralized network at some point in the near future once we get a node up and running. It will also ensure that these NEAR subgraphs actually get indexed based on the way The Graph works.

Contact Us

If you want to discuss your project/see how we can help by providing you with subgraph assistance, please reach out.

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