[Project] “ALIGNMENT EP” sponsored by Near HAK/NxM


Alignment EP is a continuation from the Pscyho EP as regards the journey of the human consciousness towards attaining a higher state of enlightenment. With a concise selection of lyrics and track engagement, the EP would be solace for minds seeking emancipation and release from childhood traumas and inherited cultural conditioning. Alignment outlines cosmic self realization and the need for wholeness of self .

The “Alignment EP” would feature 7 tracks just like its predecessor. I choose tracks because of the spiritual significance of the number “7” as one of perfection
Below is the projected tracklist of the EP and the individual tracks meaning

  • Track 1 Intro: A skit about spiritual alignment with one’s cosmic/higher self. An understanding of death as a transition that should not be feared and more reason why being in tune with the cosmos is the most paramount reason of creation. Skit to end with the words “Die in Dignity, Ressurect in glory”
  • Track 2 Whole Love: To highlight the observation that humans are needing love but yet the best love that they could get was the one they had for themselves, and that only when this is actualized would the universe attract their desired partner at the deserving level of their vibration and frequency
  • Track 3 Waves: A song that talks about the vissicitude of life, the ups and downs that characterize every human’s existence which one should not feel letdown about but ought to go with the flow as every event is meant to signify the needed evolutionary process of the human consciousness. Flow
  • Track 4 Psychedelics: Describing psychedelics as sacred things that should not be abused but utilized for a spiritual observation and correction of self towards divine peace and synchronicity
  • Track 5 RIP Mr Nice guy: Reiterating that self love is paramount and why one should prioritize protection of one’s energy before making unnecessary sacrifices that might upset one’s balance. That for LOVE TO BE LOVING, LOVE HAS TO REMAIN PURE TO BE ABLE TO GIVE LOVE
  • Track 6 Heaven: Heaven/Nirvana/Kingdom as a state of mind and not a physical environment. Song to employ howls and adlibs in the bid to replicate astral and ethereal essence for lyrical delivery
  • Track 7 You: That everything about an individual’s experience is up to them. Thiughts, deeds, actions, reactions, perception, priorities, evolution, redundancy, success, failures etc all begin and end with the individual

This is the full tracklist of the “Alignment EP”

I would be needing support from the community even though it wouldn’t be free.
Track 3 Balance and Waves would be produced by @Paul . His production template befits the music essence of these tracks

Track 5 would need some guitar riffs from @chloe if she would be free and willing enough to contribute to this project

The other tracks would be produced by local producers who intend to onboard into web 3, NxM specifically after they learn that I was supported on the project by NxM and availing them to the opportunities that await them in web 3 and the BEAT DAO especially

Each track would cost $100 for production, mixing and mastering.

For 7 tracks this amounts to $700 which is $500 sponsored by NxM and $200 sponsored by Hakuna Matata guild.

John John X, [2021/12/5 11:35 PM]
NxM takes 50 percent and your guild (Hakuna Matata guild) takes 14.8 percent. I am willing give the HAK guild 10 percent and also I would appeal to the guild to increase their support a little to make the project smooth flowing

This project means a whole lot to me: a means of spreading the message, global healing and also to build my profile within the Web 3 music space under the NEAR ecosystem

by @JohnX


Hey hey!

Sounds awesome, and can’t wait to hear the tracks :musical_note:

Who are you directing the funding proposal to? NxM? Or somewhere else?

thanks. to both NxM and Hakuna Matata guild, fund is approved.

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