Presence DAO Weekly Update July 17-July 24

Presence DAO Weekly Update

  1. We had our first 4 investor meetings. Good response. Expecting followup meetings in the upcoming week

  2. Conceptualized the tokenomics for Digital Nations, which are like the concept of Network States but with the mandatory IRL component and with reach across the entire web. The tokenomics are based on Elephant Money.

  3. Updated the white paper and the presentations and finalized the token distribution.

  4. Met with RUST developer whois joining the team for the NEAR grant application

  5. Drafted answers for grant application to NEAR Foundation and got them to a reviewer for input prior to funding

  6. Confirmed with our patent advisor that our On-Page Patent is approved, fees paid, and will be granted in 3-4 weeks!

  7. Signed up and had first meeting with the two co-coordinators of our UX-UI Intern team

  8. Gave feedback on the latest release of the Presence Browser overlay and confirmed next release is this upcoming Tuesday