[please support us] a call for collaboration and support for created by chaos

Please Support us: A call for collaboration

The Created By Chaos conclave, a community of eccentric creators who document their pespective of social dynamism and commentary is looking to collaborate with DAOs in the NEAR ecosystem in a bid to familiarize itself within the NEAR community and biuld reputation in order to be considered for funding by the creatives DAO

We appeal to DAOs within the creative sphere of the NEAR ecosystem to support us in successfully building our NFt portfolio and activities. We are asking to join with you on some minimal projects for which we want to showcase our art in respect to the creative direction of the DAO we are collaborating with.

The created by chaos council comprises of 3 women coming together to create beauty from the chaos observable in every day endeavour and social interaction. We are just liberal feminines seeking to make sense and project beauty from that which is thought of as mundane.

PLEASE, PLEASE do support us

Here is a link to our Introduction and Here is a link to our Mintbase store

We just concluded a project with lens DAO which was a photography NFT Project, Lens DAO really supported us immensely, you can check the report to that effect here

We employed the services of a freelance photographer within the ecosystem to execute the project and interact with the lens DAO

What We DO

We are a creative conclave who curate ideas initiatives and execute these ideas by contracting members of our community remotely to execute these projects at an agreement of authorship being of the DAO and the personell rewarded for their effort. We are a group of women who love art, music, photography… generate ideas and share the execution of these ideas with people ready to work along the theme which we proposed. We love to project the beauty that is in the chaos.


We follow rules of accountability and transparency in our project execution and give real time updates on project status

Please do check our mintbase store, introduction and join our telegram community for more information on us and how to engage with us

We look forward to your support NEARians.
Thanks to the ecosystem