Plato Season 1 HCMC - UPDATE

First off, thank you for continued support from NEAR and MDAO for our Season 1 Launch.

This is what we say leading up to the launch and 5th day into our launch (As of April 16):

From April 1st to April 14, we saw below compared to first 2 weeks of March:

  1. 4.89x in New User Sign Up - 36% of those are from Vietnam
  2. We saw 98% increase in check-in / capture receipt at IRL restaurants
  3. We’ve created 200+ new NEAR wallets

We also have a collab with Sharddog launched - where user can sign up to Plato and get a 5 day Season 1 pass. https: //twitter. com/ Plato2Earn/status/1780644709666340881

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Thank you for posting your report!