Personal Smart Contract Whitepaper

At NEAR, every user can upload a smart contract to his or her account. This smart contract will be able to use dApps on behalf of the user. We designed a universal personal smart contract on top of which many services can be built


I think it could become a standard in the ecosystem and would like to propose Pogoda that we do a core contract/docs/examples and etc for open source

If we put PSC in open source, developers could do

  • NFT lease
  • margin and spot trading
  • subscriptions
  • access with a limit on the amount of spending
  • automatic sale of FT/NFT
  • account recovery

and many other services that are not possible in other ecosystems due to account design. I’d appreciate it if you share your feedback about this paper and the concept of personal smart contracts


Good idea and our team think more in a way of account security for standard.
Wdyt maybe we could create a Working Group on it and collect feedback for that?


Sure, lets do it. What are the next steps?


It looks promising, I think we could add support for subscriptions to the wall

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Speaking o NFT lease, check out this dApp on testnet NiFTyRent for NFT Rentals and join the NEAR Hacks NFT builder telegram group to give feedaback on their implementation