“PAY WITH NEAR” - Passion Pizza Commercial

Posting on behalf of @Massi

DAO and project members:

@roadworks (roadworks.near) DIRECTOR
@cosmiclobo (cosmiclobo.near) SOUND & LIGHT ASSISTANT
@Massi (massi.near) 1st actor
@Eugenia 2nd actress

Funding scheme: Once

Target: lens.sputnik-dao.near

Project: Cinematic video shoot of pizza commercial ”Passion Pizza”. The pizzeria is located at Arroz Estudios in Lisbon, so it’s one of the few physical places, where one can pay with Fiat and with NEAR.


Previously funded projects: April was the first funding month for the LENS DAO and since then multiple projects have been filmed, some of which are currently being post produced.

Previous projects:

An introduction to LENS DAO can be found here. ([Introduction] LENS DAO - "Yes, we cam!")

PASSION PIZZA is a pizzeria located at the Arroz Estudios in Lisbon and offers delicious Napoli style pizzas from a wood fired oven. Our goal is to film with the now upgraded equipment (crane, light, cinema camera etc.) in such a way that a cinematographic work of art will be created. With the commercial we aim to serve the purpose of getting people to sympathize with the place, the pizzas and thus to motivate them using NEAR as a currency to pay for the pizzas. No compromises are made when it comes to publicizing the main sponsor. NEAR will be presented in a natural and accessible way (appearance of sponsor’s logo as payment method).

Our staff is already in contact with LENS DAO and we are currently discussing the script for a variety of juicy, deliciously looking shots, that will help convince people to pay their pizzas with NEAR when at Arroz Estudios. The focus is to have a strong visual appearance of the oven, the dough making process, the covering of the pizza and of course of the final product, too.

LENS DAO confirmed that they will proudly take the assignment, which will allow for a piece of artistic - but more importantly - purposeful work to create a win-win-win (for the pizzeria, for NEAR and for LENS DAO). The overall feel and goal is to create a documentary that will create at least one huge smile on everyone’s face.

Cost structure:

1 day of filming: 200 USD
1 assistant: 200 USD
2 actors: 200 USD
Sound and lights: 100 USD
Camera rent (BMPCC6K): 100 USD
3 days of editing, grading and sound design: 600 USD

Video is on air! :slight_smile: