[Overview] Filipino Artist Guild and XOVOX Labs IRL Collaboration | June 2023


Filipino Artist Guild is a group of Filipino artists who assist, mentor, and advocate for their fellow Filipino artists in order to help them develop their skills and promote their work to a wider audience. In lieu with this, we would like to have an event where we can collaborate with our co-Filipinos in real life event such as this.

XOVOX Labs (pronounced as So-Vox Labs) is a Filipino metaverse game development studio based in the heart of the Philippines, committed to creating groundbreaking and captivating games for the Metaverse, primarily on The Sandbox platform. With our expertise in voxel asset creation, game making, and pixel art and content creation, we strive to provide a unique and authentic gaming experience to players in the metaverse.

Expected outcome:

  • To be able to introduce NEAR to a wider audience and encourage adoption.
  • To be able to attract game developers and more artists to Near.

Activities and Timeline:

When: 1st week of June

Activities: Interactive artist workshop for artists and game developers.

Budget: $680

  • Venue: $300
  • Food: $200
  • Materials: $180

Note: Budget may change depending on the discussion but we will not go over the proposed budget of the guild.

Target wallet: filipino-artist-guild.sputnik-dao.near

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