[OPEN CALL] HypeDAO Council is Growing and We Want YOU! - Open Positions

HypeDAO is looking to expand its council! We are looking for people with ideas and visions to support start up and single edition NFT artists. Please contact me with your ideas about how you would like to support this important part of NEAR’s NFT commuity as a HypeDAO council member and your ideas for community building projects. (This can be simple things like hosting Twitter Spaces or the Hype Battle.)

If you have an small community or project that needs support we would be interested in hearing about it and potentially having you join as a council member so you can have HypeDAO’s support.

We absolutely welcome a diversity of creatives, so don’t be shy! We want you!


@Maiker you are an NFT artist, here is an opportunity to grow!

Thanks, @kodandi for taking these steps.


Hi @kodandi !

HypeDAO sounds like an amazing initiative and I have experienced first hand how well you organise your twitter spaces and help out artists on NEAR.
As you know, I am the co-founder of Naksh. Naksh was created to support and educate artists and artisans in the NFT Space. I would love to help all NFT artists on NEAR be supported in any way possible. Please let me know how I can help with HypeDAO!


Hi, may I know the requirements…

So can I contribute and also bring collaboration between HypeDAO & AfroStarGuild @kodandi

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Hello - I’m working on an NFT Marketplace and DeFi app on NEAR. We’re in the process of re-branding and re-launching and would greatly benefit from assistance.

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