Open Call for Election Campaign support from Creatives DAO

As we gear up for the election season, we need our communities and representatives from Creatives DAO to unite and campaign together to build the new future as being envisioned by the community via NDC v1

We’d like to open an election campaign bounty program with the goal of representing Creatives DAO and help support members running for the election from CDAO funded communities.

This will be an open call where NEAR ecosystem members can help CDAO and it’s members running for elections with outreach and and impact creation ideas to showcase Creatives DAOs history!

Expected methods of outreach and impact creation

  1. AMAs - $50 per AMA (Giveaways $50-$100 varying as per the size of community, Host $50 per AMA)

  2. Articles about CDAO in established web3 publications ($100 for getting the articles published)

  3. CDAO Report - A detailed report about highlights, wins, problems and direction forward. 1k USD

Payments will be done retroactively as per the number of AMAs setup and news articles published.

Any other outreach and impact creation methods are absolutely welcome.

Please feel free to share your thoughts of how we can support candidates who are rallying to get more visibility!


I will like to know the individuals/creatives representing CDAO on the forthcoming election.


Hey there, this is so great.
I would also propose an annual “report” (only 10 pages) as an overview of ALL the amazing work and impact of CDAO to be developed as content for AMAs/Articles, infographics, and use for all candidates (and community) to highlight the work of the community.

There are a bunch of us who can research, write and produce it. WDYT @Cryptonaut @Paul @williamx and K?


That’s a good idea. Much needed!


For now I know @Wiswiz & @Paul not sure I can remember any yet for nomination


@vandal is in as well


@Dedeukwu and @gmachines for nomination


I’m down! I hope I can make the dates/times :slight_smile: I’ve been down with a cold these past few days so have been nursing myself back to good health :pray:










Hello :wave: everyone
Sammiee Here, and I am happy to Inform you all that I have officially submitted my Nomination for COUNCIL ADVISORY in the upcoming NDC Election
I need your support as I will serve and I will be of service

PLEASE GO VERIFY WITH “I AM HUMAN” so we can all Decide the Future of NEAR starting with this Election


Good day! I designed the document and infographics (the document had roughly 10+ changes and the infographics had 4 revisions).

Hi, please share the documents that you worked on here and bounty amount.


CDAO on NEAR.pdf (728.5 KB)

Here’s the document and infographics

The bounty amount is 200 USD.
wallet: maxzeinly.near



Request for Team Bounties

Objective: Our team offered support to CDAO to support the stature of Creatives DAO within the NEAR Ecosystem in order to support those running for office in the NDC.

Efforts & Achievements:

  • Organized 4 AMAs during August and September involving both internal and external participants.
  • Delivered a community report highlighting the breadth and influence of the creative community on NEAR. This was positioned to be a testament to our influence during the election period.
  • Crafted and revised multiple infographics for the Community Report in a tight timeline.
  • Collaborated with NEAR leaders and influencers, orchestrating AMAs on GoogleMeet and X.
  • Media Relations: we pitched 35 members of the press, 9 publishing houses with the report and infographics. (We did not get a story, though CDAO can follow up with these contacts for the launch of CDAOPlanet)

Program Pillars:

  • AMA SPACES: These events, hosted by CDAO, galvanized the community to Vote, Promote, and Run for office in the September NDC Elections. Team: Blessed & Sammie
  • COMMUNITY REPORT & INFOGRAPHICS: A document evidencing our community impact, carefully researched and written, then published and promoted. Team: Sarah & Rhyme
  • INFOGRAPHICS/REPORT DESIGN: Max delivered the design promptly and made 5 thoughtful revisions.
  • PUBLIC RELATIONS: Utilizing content from our reports, we approached press and publishing houses focusing on blockchain. We won’t be charging for this endeavor based on our understanding up front that only closed stories were compensated.

Key Metrics:

  • Conducted 4 AMA/Spaces: 3 on Google Meet and 1 on other platforms.
  • Facilitated engagements between candidates and electorates in August/September across various channels like Chill&shill, NearWeek, Loozr, NDC, and the Creative DAO account.
  • Delivered a 12-page COMMUNITY REPORT.
  • Produced content supporting 5 public infographics.

Design Plan: Curated an array of infographics, identifying the great wins, success and innovation role Creatives DAO plays in the NEAR Ecosystem.

Team & Proposed Compensation:

  • Rhyme: Research/Writer for Community Report/Infographics - $500
    NEAR WALLET: rhymetaylor.near
  • Sarah: Research/Writer for Community Report/Infographics - $500
    NEAR WALLET: sarahkornfeld.near
  • Blessed: AMA Management/Hosting - $250
    NEAR WALLET: blessedchidi.near
  • Max: Design for Community Report & 5 infographics - $200
    NEAR WALLET: maxzeinly.near
  • Sammie: Support for AMA - $150
    NEAR WALLET: sammiee1.near

Total: 1600 USD

Thank you for the opportunity to support the elections, community, and Creatives DAO!
@Cryptonaut @kc_sollano @Paul @williamx


Nice !
A good way to check who really support creative DAO, in this election:

Good job​:sunflower: