[Open Bounty] Call for artwork submission to i-am-human

Hello everyone!

Greetings to all the passionate artists and creative minds out there! We have an exciting opportunity for you to showcase your unique perspective on the human experience through art.

We are pleased to announce an open bounty call for artwork submission on i-am-human

About Bounty & Rewards

The i-am-human.app issues soulbond tokens (SBTs) to people. These SBTs become part of your proof-of-personhood certificate once you have collected enough of them. We have developed the functionality for this, but now need the artwork to depict the tokens once issued. The following SBTs should be illustrated:

  • Face verification SBT(in partnership with GoodDollar)
  • OG SBT (original community member)
  • Community SBT (verified by fellow community members)
  • No-knowledge KYC SBT

This bounty is for contributing 4 pieces of SBT artwork which is accepted by the advisors as acceptable runner-ups and potential candidates. The advisors will then vote on a winning contribution, which will be awarded an additional $100 per SBT. We are hoping to award one winner for a total of $400 (+50 NEAR submission bounty) to get a harmonized theme across all SBTs, but we reserve the right to possibly award individually for each SBT.

Design Requirements:

  • Develop four pieces of artwork, one of each SBT that clearly represents the functionality (Face verification, OG community member, Community, No-knowledge KYC)
  • Create a cohesive style within the four
  • Incorporate the following NDC color pallet: HEX FFD50D, HEX F29BC0, HEX 4498E0
  • You can use any illustrative or digital art style.

It could be nice if your art resembles a badge or collectible. It would also be cool if your art has space on it to overlay SBT data such as serial number, minted date, and remaining days until expiration. Or not. Use your imagination.

Note: By submitting artwork you warrant that it is your own original artwork and that you will transfer ownership exclusively and perpetually to i-am-human DAO if you are selected as the winner. (So, no, AI-generated art is not acceptable due to licensing restrictions.)

Rewards : 50 $NEAR
Available to Claim: 8
Duration to complete: 20 Days

For more info : https://app.astrodao.com/dao/i-am-human.sputnik-dao.near/drafts/6419301703b2820029e705a5

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Shubham - NDC Mod


Hello, Here’s my submission.
Wallet address: eliaszinas.near


Is this bounty still open?

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Yes it’s still open till April end !!
Kindly join Now Updated link - NEAR

Thanks :blush:

Dropping mine soon :blush: