[ON HOLD] Science-fiction short story to be presented in 3XR

Hello all,

I have been thinking about ways to expand how literature is consumed in the metaverse.

My pratice is pretty much aligned with traditional linear narrative formats, and I see this as an opportunity to explore new ways of working and creating both experimental textual content and experimental reading experiences.

I propose to:

  • create 1 non-linear science fiction short story.
  • use an 3xr.space gallery to showcase a fragmented narrative.
  • create a strategy to both allow for anyone to read it but also to collect it.
  • explore how can a fragmented story be collected without influencing non-linearity.

To do this, I am planning on creating 2 different galleries.

  • 1 for showcasing the fragmented texts (individual NFTs), shown as moving images.
  • 1, as a permanent NFT-gallery, allowing for those who have bought 1 of the NFTs to revisit the full text in a non-linear form. Each NFT will work as thicket for this second NFT gallery. This allows for collecting parts of the text, and also the full text.

In order to achieve this, I ask for:

  • 400$ from Incubadora DAO, to explore the creative and narrative component.

(I am also requesting 500$ from the VR DAO, to explore the technical component, create the stores and mint every NFT.)

The project will be developed during the month of December, and showcased in January.

Every NFT will have a split between myself, Incubadora DAO and VR DAO.

Thank you for your attention,



hey hey ! Thank you for your proposal! :star_struck:

How many NFTs are you envisioning to create as fragments? (more or less, for info)

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I think I will create around 20 text-segments. I don’t know if each segment will be an NFT, since 3xr galleries might have a maximum amount of NFTs on display, but that is the idea. One NFT might have several segments in it…


Hey there!
Thanks for clarifying our question :grinning:
The council has deliberated and we decided to put this proposal on hold. We’re really looking forward to seeing this project happen, but as our next vertical budget is too tight we’re not able to support it right now.
Let’s keep talking and as soon as this proposal fits our vertical funding we will contact you again.

Cheers! :hugs:


Thank you, I will try again next months. Keep up the good work