[Official Thread] PandaTeam

Blockchain enthusiast i joined NEAR ecosystem in 2020.
I started with OSA guild, which help validators to join guildnet/testnet or mainnet.
Growing in the ecosystem, i joined the lead team of OSA and take part in some actions manage by NEAR Foundation (Near Docs, NearUp, etc)

I’m now Support/Community Helper on NEAR Discord.
I think you already saw a panda face on it :slight_smile:

I’m also involved in some NEAR project as Cheddar, MetaPool etc :wink:

General information

  • Organization Name: PandaTeam
  • Official Website: To be publish
  • Location: France
  • Languages: English, French

Communication Channels

NEAR articles and tools

Technical Information:

  • Staking Pool Address: pandateam.poolv1.near
  • Fees: 1%
  • Infrastructure:
    Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
    AMD Ryzen™ 9 3900 Processors 12 cores
    128 GB DDR4 ECC RAM
    2 x 1.92 TB Nvme SSD With Raid 1
    Backup server up and ready

Salut PandaTeam,

J’ai une question à chaque fois je vois les frais qui sont écrits mais c’est quoi le rendement (environ) quand on délègue ?
C’est ce 1% ?

Sinon cocorico ça fait très plaisir d’avoir une team de validateur fr :slight_smile:

Je vous souhaite une bonne fin de journée

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I’m going to speak in English, but you can DM me or Ping me in Discord/Telegram if needed :wink:

1% is the fees use by the validator on the rewards earn by delegator.

For instance,
You have Staked 100Near tokens with a APY of 10%.
Each year, you can earn up to 10Near if you have a validator with 0%.
My fees are 1%, so i will earn 0.1Near from you, and you will earn 9.9 Near :wink:

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Ok APY is 10% ?!

Yeah my question is more how much APY for delegating ?

APY change every epoch.
You can take a look at: https://near-staking.com/ :wink:

Okay thanks.
And the seat price is the minimum NEARs to be validator ?

What is balance of Near Protocol Tokens necessary to become
a validator?

Where can I find steps to become a Near Protocol Token Validator

What is the seat price or where can I find it ?

You can check seat price below :arrow_down:

Checked Stake Wars – NEAR Protocol ?
Can ask More Details at Telegram: Contact @near_validators or #validators #stake-wars channel on NEAR Discord https://near.chat

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