Octopus Guild Saying Hello! (:E


We are the Octopus Guild, and we are a community where web3.0 happens!

Octopus Guild is a community of developers, enthusiasts, appchains, and appchain candidates within the Octopus Network, which is a cryptonetwork for launching and running Web3.0 application specific blockchains, aka appchains.

Our guild includes the 6 first appchains on Octopus, and open to every Octopode excited about OCT!

Here are our Appchains:

The Octopus Guild Twitter, where we share (bad) puns and memes as well as important information about the Octopus network and our appchains, is @octguild.

Our website is octopusguild.com, with a forum where we can interact!

Follow us and you’ll be Tentacular Spectacular!

(:E (:E (:E (:E (:E (:E (:E (:E (:E (:E (:E (:E (:E (:E


Hi and welcome, @decentricity and Octupus Guild! Looking forward to learning even more about your activities during the NEAR Town Hall on Monday and when your Guild officially launches as part of the 2nd :ocean: next Friday!


Thank you for the warm welcome @mecsbecs! Very excited to attend the Town Hall and excited to say a few things about the Octopus Guild, the Octopus Network, and our 6 initial Appchains!

Please visit our website too :slight_smile: The forums are open!


Hi @decentricity! I’ve added a tag for your Guild [“octopus-guild”] to be added to future Forum posts for ease of reference.

Happy to see you up and running! Would be great to hear more about the goals for the Guild and your metrics for success so we can see as you report on your activities from month to month how you’re growing. Having a roadmap could also help get community members hyped and engaged in what you’re doing, and invested in the growth of the 6+ appchains you’re launching.