October Defi Report

October Report

October 30th claimed rewards (30.411 USN, 44.135 Ref)
Deposited Ref as xRef (current xRef balance 97.499)

With USN shutting down, I am withdrawing our resources from the PEM-USN farm/pool, at closing we hold 2,807 PEM and 241.3695 USN

I am going to re-allocate our resources to the USDT.e-NEAR pool, which is currently offering a 14.19% APR. While this is a lower APR, I feel it is a reasonably low risk pool/farm, given the market is still uncertain.

I swapped all of our USN for USDT.e, including collected rewards from previous months. Going from 379.6097 USN to 378.5191 USDT.e, and 2,807.2103 PEM to 74.481667 NEAR.

I put 238.728159 USDT.e and 75.91476 NEAR into the LP for 1.594 LP Tokens and deposited that to the farm.

We have a remaining 140.6 USDT.e in our wallet from swapped USN rewards, as well as the 97.499 xREF giving us a USD equivalent of $172.33 in rewards.