January Defi Report

January Report

February 6th claimed rewards (18.498 Ref)
Staked Ref as xRef (14.473xRef) giving us a total xRef balance of 138.567

We still hold our previous USDt balance of 140.6 and now have an xRef balance at current market value of $30.49, giving us a total USD equivalent of $171.09, up $16.14 from last month.

As the market has shown some improvement in conditions, our impermanent loss has also recovered some, giving us a farmed value of $423.38. So, at present, from our initial $500 investment in DeFi, our current total balance would be $594.47, after 5 months of this process.

From my perspective, I feel we should continue course and remain in the low risk farm of USDT.e - NEAR, as I still feel we are not out of the bear market stages, and allow for our funds to continue to slowly grow. If the council feels otherwise, and would prefer I consider other options, or if it is felt necessary to close this exploration, please let me know. But I feel we are in a good spot with low risk, at this point, and should continue with the current course.