September NxM Defi report

This month wasn’t as fruitful in USD equivalent returns due to dips in the market, but we still added to our gains.

September Report

October 1st, claimed rewards (13.805 USN 23.722 Ref)
Deposited Ref rewards to xRef (at date earning ~40.84% Apr) Current xRef balance (61.515)

Total September rewards - 13.805 USN 19.89 xRef

Our current balance in the liquidity pool is 254.214 USN & 2,657 PEM giving us a combined USD equivalent of $502.54.

Our to-date earnings from our initial $500 investment (not counting any gains from impermanent loss in the farm) is 107.5869 USD & 61.515 xRef giving us a current balance of $131.58 (reflecting xRef value Oct 1, 2022 7:11 AM PST)

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