NxM DAO Hack at Createbase Hackathon

Coming up on the 14th of May Createbase will be hosting a Hackathon together with the Open Web Community Conference (link here)

NxM will be joining the Hackathon by coming up with a variety of “Micro-DAOs” that can facilitate the needs of the community and at the same time allow members to join the different DAO teams as a way to directly contribute to the community!

Participating community members have a chance to earn some NEAR!

You can add to this thread with your ideas for what DAOs we should be creating as a community! Some of the ideas we have currently rolling in our Discord are the following:

  • Events
  • Onboarding
  • Education
  • Bounties
  • Social Media
  • Marketing

Drop a reply with your thoughts and comment and ideas for what we should be focusing on for the DAO Hack!


Onboarding video proposal

“Although we are a global community, in NxM we are always NEAR”

Most people have heard the term NFT, yet most are unsure of what they are or how to get involved. The music industry is in trouble, and with traditional business models and streaming platforms it is getting harder for the average musician to survive. Now is the time to shift focus and utilise the tools created to adapt to the new now. This method of onboarding will serve to educate viewers of what NFTs are, what the NEAR protocol is (without getting too technical), and to highlight the artistic community involved. We will create a sense of family that works together collaboratively, inspiring and motivating each other to succeed.

NxM is a grassroots movement and a community of creatives. Internally we have resources that are capable of producing art in all kinds of mediums. We can tap in to the community to fully produce an onboarding advertisement that will capture the essence of what NxM is. NxM is a global community of like-minded, forward thinking individuals connected by the love of art, nfts, and near protocol.

The video will be footage our members take of themselves and their surroundings, showing the diversity and uniqueness of the NEAR Music Guild. The footage can be as simple as them walking down the street, capturing aspects of their own unique cultures and communites. We will have text appear with the individuals near name and location as a way to promote the participating members, and show new potential members the authenticity of the guild. The video will speak to creators looking to expand collaborative networks and artists who are intrigued, but also intimidated by crypto and NFTs. Producing the video in a way that creates a sense of comfort and community will attract people to join, learn, grow, and participate in conversations. The videos being shared by our members’ social media will already create a sense of trust within that specific audience, and start to grow by word of mouth. All music and production will be done within the community, as well as a voice over narrative, speaking on the values and describing what we are about. We will be welcoming and encouraging people to join, learn, and participate.

The slogan “Although we are a global community, in NxM we are always NEAR” is meant to be simple and self explanatory. We have members from all over the world who collaborate on artistic ventures together, inspiring and pushing boundaries, offering guidance and helping people who are there wanting to learn and grow.

Once the video is produced, we can upload it to YouTube and take it to our social media platforms, and forums. We can encourage our members to share the video to their networks and beyond by offering bounties and rewards.

In order to take this from concept to reality, we would request 275 NEAR tokens. The budget would include tokens for the production of the video, and bounties for members who share.

75 tokens for member video submissions. 15 NxM members total. 5 tokens per member

Creators wallets:



Here is the link to my idea for creating a musical DAO focusing on the Nigerian Indie/Alternate music industry.


Hi all. Please find attached an outline concept document - Ideation - that addresses the thtree following Hackathon targets:

  • Onboarding
  • Education
    And a bit more…
    There’s some blue sky stuff in there too…
    Let me know what you think. I’ll be adding a presentation mid-week.
    NxM JUKEBOX - IDEATION.pdf (53.7 KB)

Hey @JCB can you re-submit this to the NxM DAO pls! Here’s the link

Let’s think about doing 15 selected NxM artists with a token of 5 N each (75 total) cool?

If you can edit this and create a new topic post with the tags creatives - nxm guild and nxm dao in the optional tag field. You can easily search the tags, it helps us keep everything organized. Thanks!

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Ok, so here is Part 2 of the NxM Jukebox Idea for the Hackathon…
(Nice & on-time…!)
It is self-explanatory in the sense that the Ideation document ran to a lot longer than 500 words and went into a lot more detail than was necessary!
So attached is a mock up of how the NxM website/front page would look as part of a slide presentation project overview. I’ve also attached the image itself so you can look around it a bit better.
It’s essentially a screen based way of showing off NxM , its artists and their NFTS, while educating newcomers to what is going on with Audio NFTs and NxM…before taking them [and customers] to the next stage of buying/minting audio NFT’s…or as I now prefer #cryptomusic"
Next stage will be to add some functionality and make a video presentation of how it might hang together.


The slide presentation is attached to the post above the JPG - might get overlooked there

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