NFT-Real estate securitization, kickstart at hackathon

Kickstarting the NFT-Real Estate during the Open Web Community Conference + Hackathon
Traditional financial banks, securities, insurance and real estate should be applied in the blockchain world.
With powerful smart contracts and decentralization, NEAR is an ideal platform.
Today we mainly discuss the use cases of NFT+ real estate securitization.
We aim to support and grow the NFT-real estate securitization transaction within the NEAR ecosystem.
Extend NFT virtual real estate to the moon, you can place your collection of NFT works on the moon. You can also lease or sell your real estate.

Goals / Impact

Due to the high transaction price of traditional real estate, ordinary people cannot participate. Non-smart contract trading platforms have platform runaway and policy supervision risks. The use case of NFT+smart contract can solve the above problems.

A sample of the activities the NFT-Real Estate aims to support:

Securitize real estate property rights segmentation through NFT.

Split NFT to facilitate transaction transfer.

Hold NFT to enjoy real estate appreciation income

Hold NFT to enjoy dividends such as real estate lease

Hold all NFT offline property rights transfer of the real estate

Ownership of centralized property rights

Amount of funding requested:

0 $NEAR to the NFT-Real Estate Sputnik DAO

contact person:



Hi @peter

Since you are creating a DAO for NFT Real Estate, you might want to submit your proposal to the governance section of the hackathon.

If you create a DAO during their activation week (deadline: May 22, 23:59 GMT) you can submit a 30 NEAR payout proposal to the Metagov SputinikDAO. The instructions are below:

I suggest you add the tag #metagov to your post title so the council for this track can find it and comment.



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Hey! The proposal is great, but could you resubmit your payout proposal and:

  1. change the payout target to be the new Sputnik DAO you created
  2. change your payout amount to 30
  3. adjust your proposal above to the template specified in [Proposal] Example Project Proposal?