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  • YEAR of the Chef is the first dragon generative collection in NEAR Ecosystem (mint is live)
  • It is a free mint for those who donate to public goods
  • 10% royalties get sent to food bank wallets which distributes balance to projects across the Potlock registry
  • Heavy alignment with ecosystem with allocation for mints, aligned incentives for public goods and donors


  • Build a community around public goods
  • Set the trend for the onslaught of NFT dragons and products
  • Rally the meme and NFT ecosystem to build regenerative flywheels to support each other
  • Create an arbitrage opportunity for those to make profits for impact
  • Build up hype for upcoming quadratic funding rounds on Potlock
  • Redistribute wealth back to all projects on Potlock evenly, not just the biggest projects.


Year of the Chef is a community driven project to build an ecosystem around funding public goods. A generative PFP collection with 2024 Culinary Dragons

Back Story

In the Potlock ecosystem we have the theme of everyone as a chef, as a Potluck, is a feast where everyone brings a dish. We believe this “positive-sum” approach, where everyone adds their piece, enriches the experience for all. In the Chinese New Year, its the Year of the Dragon also a meme for Illia Black Dragon Co-Founder of NEAR. A Dragon is a natural chef, that can cook up with every breath, also known for its good luck and tremendous superpowers.

How to Claim

There are 4 ways to claim, as a Donor → Donate and then claim through Shard Dog, as a Contributor, OG, or Project via twitter

  1. Donate at collective of 1 NEAR across approved projects on the Potlock registry ( then claim on Sharddog 2/2/2024 at 2:22 PM UTC

  2. Contribute to Potlock and Potlock ecosystem ( and get a special “Chef” badge

  3. Be an OG in the public goods in NEAR space and claim (

  4. Be a representative on the “Menu” by representing a public good on Potlock

Additionally OGs who can claim include RetroPGF, Bitcoin, ReFIDAO, GreenPill Network, CryptoAltruism, Funding the Commons, Pagoda, NEARDevHub, Sharddog, NEAR Vietnam, Proximity Labs, NEAR Social, Paras, Mintbase, Minority Programmers, Build DAO, NEARWeek, LONK, NEAR Foundation, Shitzu, NEAR Tinker Union, Big Brain Venture, CMT Digital, Electric Capital, ASAC, NEKO, Mara, just to name a few.

While contributors who can claim include “Cooks” from the Banyan Collective, MagicBuild, Sharddog, Build DAO, Minority Programmers, NEKO, Learn NEAR Club, just to name a few. Figure out if you are eligible to claim at

Moreover, for public goods not only are you getting NFTs, but you can now get donations directly to your project to make your donors eligible for this mint. A win-win situation. Already OGs from the biggest NFT collections, projects, and thought leaders in the space are supporting the project.

Secondary Sales

Cleaning floors is a public good, that’s why for those who sweep floors on Secondary marketplaces (Mintbase, Paras, Tradeport) 10% of royalties will be going to foodbank wallets that randomly distribute balances to approved projects on the registry. This means public goods on Potlock will get a passive stream of donations as long as this collection is selling. Learn more at

Additionally if the floor price exceeds 1 NEAR that means that YEAR of the Chef not only becomes a source of continuous donations for the entire public goods ecosystem, but an arbitrage opportunity for donors. Who knows (donors & holders may also be incentivized by other ecosystems).

How to Get Involved



If I donate via Potlock quadratic funding rounds, does it also qualify to get the free mint for YEAR OF CHEF?

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It doesn’t yet, they need to add support and devs behind it, but hopefully it’s in the making :star_struck:

it should be supported now

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Does it have a retroactive effect on people who already donated on QF, please?