New French Community

Hello, I’m here to present to you the new French Community.

This new french community came from an observation, the current French community is not leaded as many hoped. We can’t make changements.

The aim of this New community is focus on the Human and not on Grant.

At the moment, i will manage it alone and when the community will grow, i will delegate more :slight_smile:


Telegram: Telegram: Contact @Near_France
Twitter: @Near_France

Hope you will enjoy it.

French side

Salut à tous,
N’hésitez pas à nous rejoindre pour une communauté plus vive sur Near Protocol :slight_smile:

@David_NEAR, if you can drive the French community on this telegram and Twitter account, we will be happy to have them :wink:


Great, but I have a few questions, are you a member of the current community team? If not, why don’t you collaborate to fix what isn’t working and reshape it by adding human value and some key goals that you rhink is going to burst growth andadaptation?

Hi @Bakaka,
Because actual leader don’t care about input…
Don’t reply to DM, have no team etc


I supper-support @DDeAlmeida because I saw his job as Near Discord moderator and Stake Wars III Moderator.

I believe that the Near French community is now in the right hands!

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Hello guys… @Bakaka @kiskesis

I didn’t want to get into this game but it went too far
I am Abdelilah, the founder of NEAR French since 3 years ago… I have always been here and the results I have achieved prove that.

@DDeAlmeida I can share the conversation between you and me… When did you send a message to me and I did not reply to you ?

I sent you a message and tried to talk to you… You tried to attack my person several times and you tried to solve the matter quietly, but you did not understand that… And now you are trying to create a new french community and steal members … I wish you success, but don’t lie to me.

#NEAR for all

That’s why i asked him, @DDeAlmeida you need to resolve the issue and find a way forward instead of forming a new community. I’m not opposed to forming a new community, but it should have a different focus and name because the existing one is still active. Misunderstanding and conflict used to happens in a way we lead or governance.

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Hi, Thank you to reply here.

First of all.
Let’s talk about the community.

Who drive it ?
Who answer question ?
Who participate ?

Just need to check latest activities, to figure out that, you participate less than other…

How NF, NDC Regional can trust you ?

You are Asking Fund for ?
([Closed] Funding For the NEAR French Community for February and march)
Growing community ?
Please remove all bot, scammer and deleted account instead of let them grow organically the “community”.

“We provide 24/7 support on every ecosystem issue as much as possible”
→ What ???

Let’s talk about the fake team:
“Patrice” is not on the Telegram…
“Diego” is not aware of this
“Scol” maybe too…

All information is this proposal or in the NDC Regional is faked

DAO Wallet is personnal wallet
Same team, nobody aware, moreover they didn’t got any compensation

Please explain.

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1- Why did you say that you are writing to me and I don’t reply to you ? Why are you trying to spread lies about me in front of the community to win their affection .

2- You can’t have a stable team and you do not have a stable income to pay them … There are those who do this voluntarily, but many people need money to do this for their livelihood … We haven’t received the money for 4 months and Before that I we haven’t receive it for 6 months …so this is normal that some things will change and That the activity will decrease, but despite this I am always here .

3- In Telegram, there is no Telegram group that doesn’t have Scammers . Its Normal Because telegram algorithm helps Scammers. i’am try to ban all Scammers who send annoying messages.

4- I didn’t say that I am perfect and that our Community is perfect, but I have been here for 3 years leading the community and I have never stopped supporting the Near Ecosystem .
I can also publish all that we have achieved, whether as an individual or as a team.

5- I wish you chose solutions and wrote to me to find solutions for the community instead of attacking me here and there, but unfortunately you always try to attack and choose the wrong examples .

Finally, I wish success to everyone, and as I said it before and I always say it #NEAR_for_all


выглядит прикольно, но шансов думаю не много

Hi @andr7y Kindly keep the conversation in English as mentioned in the Community Guidelines. Thank you!