[Closed, please re-submit later] Funding For the NEAR French Community for June and July


Hi @marketingdao-council

*** Summary :
There is 270 million people speak the French language worldwide , so having a Near french community it’s so important to introduce the project for all the French speakers and get many peoples around the world .

*** Description :

The French Guild existed since March 2021, and For now we have for the French community :

*** Previous reports and proposals:

(MarketingDAO - NEAR Forum)

*** Our social media channels:

Near Social " new account" :

Our objective is to educate Every French speaker around the world who has heard of blockchain about the NEAR Protocol. As a result, as a team, we are working to spread the word about the NEAR Protocol everywhere

*** Key Results :

The account Twitter @FrancaisNear :
More than 1856 followers and more than 1260 tweets :slight_smile:
The account Twitter : since 03/2021

The Telegram channel Near Français :
We have more than 600 members
Since 07/2021

We provide 24/7 support on every ecosystem issue as much as possible

The first account on medium ( 50 articles published ( Near ecosystem contents )

The second account on medium ( Near français ) : 27 articles published ( Near ecosystem contents )

*** Reach

Till end of June, we are expecting to reach:

Active Telegram group and active Twitter account
Latest news within the NEAR ecosystem shared in our community , reach 2k twitter and 800 on telegram
12-14 articles about NEAR Ecosystem in French Language
50-100 Near Social Followers
Host successful events

*** Team :

  • I’am Abdelillah , The leader of Near French Guild , I created the French community since march 2021 , I worked to develop the French community and now the community grows , we have more than 2500 French speakers ( twitter , telegram and medium ) .

David . 32 years old.
Scrum Master & C# Dev/DevOps in a Medical Device Company
I jumped in crypto in 2019, starting with testnet on Cosmos Ecosystem, then i join NEAR in 2020.
I was in OpenShard Alliance, my knowledge growed and Blaze involve me as Co-Leader.
I created my NEAR mainnet Validator in 2021, PandaTeam.
NEAR Foundation asked me to help them to monitor the Telegram and the Discord.
I lead StakeWars III, with Pagoda & NEAR Team in june 2022 to November 2022.
I got a role as Project Manager/Moderator at Cheddar (CheddarFi) in early 2023.
I’m Moderator on another Discord (FetchAI - Cosmos Ecosystem)

*** Needs
For more details about monthly rewards :

1- Content : 500$

** Writing Guide : 500$
Translate / write : 6 articles (1 article/5 days) With an average of 1500 words per article …

We choose the latest articles About Near ecosystem to keep the French community always with the Update and newness of the project , also we help to introduce the new projects on Near ( NFT , GameFi , multiverse … ) by translating their articles , we have a collaboration with many projects : Octopus network , Aurora , PembRock Finance , NearBlocks , LearnNear , Debio , myriad , NearStarter , Stader Near , Fusotao , Atocha …

2- Social Media : 500$ ( Twitter , Near Social , Contents) + 500$ ( Telegram)

** Promotion / distribution → Twitter , Near Social : daily tweets , translation , posts , comments … with an average of 40-50 tweets/month

** Contents →Text , News / Announcement , We are working to publish all the news About Near ecosystem in French language in all our social media, we are also creating many Memes

Social Media → Community Channels → Telegram:
Support community members 24/7, share daily news within the NEAR ecosystem, activity contest, small giveaways to increase group activity

3- Community Events : 400$

Streaming → Ama , Twitter Space : 400$
Our Telegram and Twitter is a meeting place for all projects. In cooperation with the projects, we make many Ama’s to introduce the projects and to be a direct contact between the French community and the project teams.

4- Management: 0$

Monthly Report, AstroDAO, Weekly Community Calls, Coordination

1900$ / month

Total : 3800$

NEAR Wallet ID … near-french.sputnik-dao.near

Hello @Bakaka @Dacha @IgbozeIsrael

Can u Pls check our proposal

Thank you


Thank you for your proposal! @rc-admins guys could you please take a look?

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Thank you for your proposal and the time you took to draft it.

Unfortunately, you are out of dateline, and we will review it next month.

Thank you

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Hello bro … thanks for your response
But why ?
I did it on the 2nd of June! As for the proposal for the next two months, we have already started working towards achieving our goals. We just need the approval to continue .

It is not my decision, it is there in our guidelines any proposal that is submitted after 25 of every month will be reviewing it following month.

am happy that you have started your activities, please continue and do what your community can afford and submit your report end of the month, seeing a community activity and engagement report without funding increase your chances of subsequent proposal consideration without much problems.

If you need further clarification reach out to any of us via tg.

Thank you


Hi all, @kiskesis Can you take a look please.
The aim is for Funding French Community For June and July.

Moreover, can you please elaborate ? @Bakaka
Maybe you can share a link to rules applied to Proposal.

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I tagged you just now.



I replied :wink:

Aproved but deposited 30/05

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2–5 days interval and in the same month of request is acceptable, had it been Near French too and in the same time frame, we would consider it.

So Rules are not the same for everyone ?

Waiting @regionaldao-council.
A “working document” is not a way to reject Proposal.

If you Approved after deadline proposal, you must be fair on every Proposal.

If you want to avoid this kind of discussion just be fair and reject automatically every Proposal after the deadline. No exception for anyone.

Hello @rc-admins … Can you please take a look?

Please, we are in discussion regarding the issues, be patient @abdelillah77 @DDeAlmeida

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Thanks for your quick replies :grinning:

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Hey, @DDeAlmeida it is true that we have the rule that we accept submissions starting from the 25 of the month till the end of the month, so the proposal of Near French will be reviewed starting from the 25 of this month.

Near Korea sent the proposal before the deadline so I don’t see where are rules violation

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Hello … No the proposal of Near Korea was in 29 May , this is why @DDeAlmeida ask , it’s 2 days between 29 and the second juin .

We weren’t aware of this previously, and as you know, it wasn’t clear. That’s why we created our proposal after the 25th.

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You are right, we responded in the RC WG group

:exclamation:Community Leaders, don’t forget that we accept proposals before 25th of each month.

Previous month it was mistake from our side and we approved some proposals after 25 - end of the month. And we apologize about it.

Keep in mind to post proposals for July before the 25th of June.

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