New councils of c1 guild

Hello NEAR family,
Happy to announce that we from the C1 guild aka Chapter one global charity foundation RC:185318 welcome our newly voted councils @reespect @Acho (Mr.Eric) and @Mr_Royalty deserving to carry on the responsibilities of a progressive DAO for social good which will rotate on quarterly basis building on decentralization and the roadmaps that they will present alongside the proposal following the new community guideline.

Stepping down as a council of C1 Guild

I am using this opportunity to request for the advisor position of C1 guild in order to make concrete contribution of 8 hrs a week and travels if needful for the progress of the movement to set physical classes, blockchain/NFTs education while onboarding builders starting from Nigeria, Canada and Cameron as always.

Looking forward to feedback and best wishes to everyone.
cc: @JCB


Thanks @Dedeukwu

Looking forward to the new Council changes and the future work.

The three new Council members have been active contributors who have and continue to represent the vision of charity.

To the moon ya’ll!


a big thank you to the community for trusting me​:pray:t5::purple_heart:


Thank you for giving me and other members this great opportunity to serve in the council.


My winning is for all. Let’s move the C1 Guild to a greater height. Congrats fam