Stepping down as a council of C1 Guild

Hii fam, trust we are well? following the rumor spinning in the air of me stepping down as a council of C1 guild is actually very true. Reasons because i have just began a new phase in my music career which is transmitting to a live musician and my curation company which will be introduced as a multi chain DAO later this year as we currently build towards getting registered llc with trademarks and all legal MOU with the partnered brands prepared and a few projects in the pipeline for this beautiful year 2023 we can’t say much for now, that exactly is why i am stepping down also to walk the walk of decentralization as it is clear what a great level me and @JCB with our moderator @reespect and @Blessedchidi our social marketer has achieved so far building since the introduction of the DAO.

-We have set up CC-4 and CC-5 physical classrooms with Shinygloves club since we started our official partnership and hope to deploy each Astro DAO community for each in order to organize sales, votes and achieve transparency as stated in our roadmap moving forward also hoping to get them equipped with art materials for the creation of their collection.

-We officially registered as an NGO ( Chapter one global charity foundation RC:185318 ) on August with every document intact making us a corporate DAO.

-I acquired a non-profit digital studio for the creation of audioNFTs and it has served since end of 2021.

-We have acquired a projector for our physical hub to amplify blockchain education and bridge our workshops in and outside the community.

-We have also created an official legal wrapper on as Chapter One Global Charity Foundation as stated by the new NF expectations for DAOs.

-We have completed our NFT marketplace with Harmonic guild and will go mainnet very soon with article publication and launch of our nft membership pfp to kickstart the project.

-We also created a Telegram for the Northern Nigerians to bridge the Hausa language for more educational reach and community outreach led by @Blessedchidi We are pleading for some marketing assistance and grant for our projects to the @marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors so we can collectively build towards decentralization and the vision of NEAR.

PS: I am open to step in as advisor to the DAO to ensure the vision is achieved and things are organized. Taking out time to thank the NF @cfor their support so far and we can do more together especially with the NDC structure.



thank you @Dedeukwu for being a selfless human, you make it easy to trust you and your decisions. the c1 community will continue to grow, no matter what :saluting_face: i wish you success in your other endeavors​:purple_heart:


Many thanks @Dedeukwu , thank you for bringing me into this beautiful world, for your guidance and selflessness.
I’m grateful, it was a nice walk with you. Reach for the stars!