[Approved] NEAR Stars Guild October plan for Cheddar Farm promo

This is beautiful! Awesome to see the support for Cheddar :muscle:

I’m all for this. However, it’d be sweet if you could set up a DAO and get the funding paid out to there? Then the Council members of the NEAR Stars Guild can disseminate that to the appropriate NEAR wallets.

Guide for v1 here.

Tagging MarketingDAO Council for visibility @marketingdao-council


David, can we setup DAO for november and this time go with Marketing Vertical DAO?

Next time will be easier since want to use DAO for video ambassadors campaign and to put all things together at once, cuz plnety wallets will be used then.

Hey @marketingdao-council
@David_NEAR @cryptocredit @Grace @satojandro @jcatnear
Can i ask you to approve proposal and upvote this DAO?

Crypto Rich already did his work and waiting for payout to launch videos live.

Also happy to approve. Great work @Zhunda


Me too, please submit the approved ones to the DAO

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Attention to @David_NEAR @cryptocredit @Grace @satojandro @jcatnear

This account was terminated. Proposal should be rejected.

This is beginner blogger , look at quantity on views. Why we need to pay him $1400?

What the promo bounty guys ? You already got a management salary for you gulid .

Dear @cryptocredit did you check out YouTube account before write it? Thank You.

Proposal should be rejected.

Agree with this one but it seems to have been approved already.

Please feedback @Zhunda

cc @marketingdao-council

Please do refund ASAP

@marketingdao-council please also pay attention on “bounty”. The guild leadership already got management salary . Why do you pay them extra money ? Thank You

It’s my understanding that the ‘bounty’ payments were for promotion of the video(s). Hope that clears it up :100:

Hey @Dacha
Yeah, Crypto Top Things to know had an issue, was worried, wrote him what happened. Account had a short time suspense for no reason. Now it’s back live.

About Crypto Rich.

Past video about NEAR got almost 600 views.
Now AMA with Blaze on Cheddar and a bonus free of charge video about Cheddar farm review is coming out by weekend.
Rich has recieved his payment.

Idk, you tell me if you feel that we should stop our partnership with him.

About promo bounty, it’s tough. To collect info, negotiate about scenario, get texts for descriptions and setting up shoutout inside NEAR commune takes a full day not trying to mess up things and do it correctly even when steps are known.

Why was the original YT account suspended?

This is quite important for us to understand. Seems that a partnership with Top Things to Know should be suspended since they evidently violate YT rules?

To be honest i don’t have an idea how to he merged old account and past video got remaining with all views

Since last days fresh videos have a drop.

Yeah, i feel that uncomfortable decision has to be made here, cuz got doubts that new video will get same +3k views.

So we got 55 NEAR for his video and 25 NEAR as contributors bounty in treasury 80 NEAR in total.

We have one submitted DAO of 120 NEAR for Steve @holuongduc for his performance with Hidden GEM Team and Vietnam Guild.
@Dacha @David_NEAR @cryptocredit @jcatnear How you feel if DAO gets rejected, 80 NEAR will be paid to Steve, and rest will be asked by next month?

And thanks for pointing this out, no hard feelings.

No way for YouTube violators here. Please do detailed research in the next time. Thanks

You can also merge with Kitchen gulid. Probably, whey have more experienced team.

So weird statistics obviously, artificially pumped .

And why did he tuned off comment ?

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If the DAO gets rejected, please tell us the reason and what we can improve, Near community team?

This is not only about the bounties, but we also want to promote NEAR to everyone in Vietnamese community as much as we can. We fully deep dive in Near Protoco project.

Beside, after researching about Cheddar Farm, we need a confirmation about the legit of this project. Furthermore, the promotion reward ratio 1:1 on Cheddar is over, do you still want to promo? I can make it in livestream tomorrow about Near ecosystem. @cryptocredit

Best regard.
Steve (holuongduc)

Views are original since video shows that it’s posted in september.

So nothing much changed in views and the link for video is the same.

But yeah, will skip colab with him since old subs are lost and new vids don’t get much of an attention.


Great questions, thanks for highlighting :tada:

The proposal has already been approved. The issue is the above problems regarding YT content creators which have appeared post approval of the proposal.

The project is legitimate and is driven by some of the leading Community Members within the NEAR Community. Curious as to why this wasn’t asked prior, though :sweat_smile:

This is a different proposal in and of itself :100:

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