NEAR PH (Philippines) Monthly Report -April 2021

Guild Name: NEAR PH (Philippines)

Monthly Highlights:


	l Interviewed GC Pascua, a prominent Filipino NFT artist on Paras. This talented artist is inspiring  collectors and artists alike in the Philippines to sign up for Paras. 

Youtube videos:

	l Tagalog Video Commentaries: screen sharing for easy navigation for Filipino audience, updates and demonstration is shown using the highlighted articles and news within the NEAR ecosystem. 
	l Downloadable Tagalog voice overs are for those who would like to listen to the content of NEAR articles while multitasking, such when traveling or doing chores. 
	l Since the Philippines is one of the most badly hit by the pandemic, more and more citizens find themselves out of work. A demonstration themed "how to earn during this pandemic" was aired. 

	l The articles on Medium have been craftily themed, using portmanteau combination of crypto words and familiar concepts. This type of approach is a fresh angle through which blockchain is seen. The articles themselves may not be that technical and academic; but the contents pull from different domains: history, politics, psychology, economics, science, philosophy, etc. This broader approach can make readers appreciate the ramifications of crypto in different aspects of life. 

Explainer Video:

	l The theme this month is on daily trading volume. The explainer videos theme is chosen so as to show how much money there is in crypto. An average joe in a first-world country may totally misunderstood crypto. How much more so people in the Philippines, a country not considered to be technologically updated. 


	l The quality of translations is not that perfect, at least not yet. However, the translations themselves can make reading easier for those who are not that well-read in English. 


	l This avenue has just been explored. And it seems that the team is enjoying it. This can also add to the catalog of memes that can be tapped in the future. 

Video content:

l Commentaries
l Interview
l Demonstrations
l Downloadable voice over audios
l Discussions 


	l Refinements have been made so as to be more valuable to the ecosystem. This is especially so as Philippine-audience is being targeted. 
	l The team may expand in a few weeks. This is so that repetitive tasks can be delegated and the core team is free to strategize on a macro scale. 

Video Content: 3 Categories: Explainer videos, interviews, voice over audios, discussions

Explainer Video
Trading Volume | NEAR Protocol Philippines (April 30)


Well hello, NEAR Academy! (April 6)

Ang Rainbow Bridge Ay Live (April 13)

NEAR Protocol na Iginawad ang Product Label ng Climate Neutral (Arpil 20)

Ang Ekonomiya ng Tagalikha sa Pagsasanay: Arroz Estúdios (April 29)

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Heath LEDGER Technology (April 30)
Heath LEDGER Technology. Remember Heath Ledger’s The Joker… | by Orvard Zapanta | NEAR Protocol Philippines | Apr, 2021 | Medium

Youtube Videos

Paras Artist Spotlight | NEAR Protocol Philippines (April 22)

Epekto Ng Tulay (Bridge) sa Pagitan ng Ethereum at NEAR | NEAR Protocol Philippines (April 23)

Paras’ NFT Artist on NEAR Protocol with GC Pascua (April 25)

Kung Papaano Magkaka Income sa NFT Ngayong Pandemic | NEAR Protocol Philippines (April 27)

Trading Volume | NEAR Protocol Philippines (April 30)

Ang Rainbow Bridge ay Live na! | NEAR Protocol Philippines (April 30)

Near Protocol na Iginawad ang Product Label | NEAR Protocol Philippines (April 30)
Near Protocol na Iginawad ang Product Label | NEAR Protocol Philippines - YouTube


We’re honestly guilty of this the first few times we tried it (April 3)

The Rainbow Bridge is finally live! You can now bridge your ERC-20 tokens over to the NEAR blockchain and back to Ethereum! (April 7)

NEAR Protocol has been awarded the Climate Neutral Product Label by
southpoleglobal! (April 17)

“We know how frustrating this is, relate much?” (April 17)


The industry’s biggest tokens are now on NEAR (April 8)

How the Rainbow Bridge Works (April 16)

NEAR Protocol Awarded the Climate Neutral Product Label (April 23)

DeFi on NEAR is Here (April 29)