NEAR @ ETHDenver events!

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There are a lot of Near events and side events at ETHDenver 2023. If you’ll be at ETHDenver, stop by these events and say hello to folks from the Near community, Near Foundation, Pagoda, and more!

Near Owned Events

Near Community Side Events

When: Feb 21
Who to attend/Speakers: Alex Shevchenko
Activation: Aurora/Alex Shevchenko speaking

When: Feb 28
Who to attend/Speakers: Alex Shevchenko, Keypom

When: Mar 1
Who to attend/Speakers: Marieke Flament, Lei Lei, Georgia Hanias, Maggie Sun

  • Marieke will join a 1x1 fireside chat with Flowcarbon’s co-founder, Caroline Klatt.

  • NEAR co-hosts three panel discussions throughout the day, Lei Lei, Georgia, Maggie Sun moderate

  • New Economies in the Sustainable World

  • Regulations and Funding in Environmental Assets

  • The Future of Forward Financing

  • DAODenver 2023

When: Feb 27 - Mar 1
Who to attend/Speakers:

When: Mar 1
Who to attend/Speakers:

  • Onboard 20 students into NEAR ecosystem at the hacker house.

  • Hold 4+ NEAR developer workshops throughout the year.

  • Build at least 1 project on NEAR’s ecosystem in our club’s development team.

  • Women in Blockchain Networking, Cocktails & Bites

When: Mar 2
Who to attend/Speakers:
Activation: Networking event for women; ~100 attendees.

When: Feb 26 - Mar 6
Who to attend/Speakers:
Activation: Accommodations are only for builders and founders (15-18 builders and founders in a private house in Denver downtown during ETH Denver close to the main venue) from the Near ecosystem and fully supported by NEAR.

When: March 3
Who to attend/Speakers:

When: Mar 4
Who to attend/Speakers:
Activation: Invite only; 300 regs so far.Other Side Event Spreadsheet Resources (created by ETHDenver community members)


This is awesome, very helpful!
Will circulate this inside and outside NEAR ecosystem :+1: Thanks Marcus.