NEAR Digital Collective Steward - Blaze for Consideration and Vote

On the same page, let’s see every candidate’s contribution and choose the best one who is from the community, for the community, by the community :muscle:

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Hey, I want to see the list of voters, is this possible?

Because I see that there are 15,16 Mambers in the Comment Section and which is repeated again and again…


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I am unable to see who the specific voters are, only the counts. I would encourage everyone voting to place a comment regardless of your support position for transparency.


A lot of people in NEAR have added value in various ways. It’s better to measure what one has done and cast our votes to help move the process forward.

Two ways I can think of measuring the efficacy of the right candidate.

  1. Sharing contributions and their impact in the NEAR ecosystem, not just governance forum.

  2. Laying a plan of action and how the
    presidential candidate sees the community’s growth and direction

Happy to support and lead a path and vision I see bringing value to the wider ecosystem.


And where are the signer’s active participation in the process?

Nobody is involved in the process. It looks like a few people from Near Foundation who already voted Blaze for the President post.


no sorry
I’m against

All this time we lived without a president.
Not all processes were perfect, and some need tweaking.

Before any election, I would like to see the campaign and all the contestants for the position.
And clear requirements for NDC president.

For example, in real life, the president cannot do any business in parallel.
But here our suggestion is that we choose a person who is a co-founder of the project and will obviously be involved there.

Can we first define these requirements?

The president should be from a community not tied to high positions with some experience, even if not the coolest.
The kind of president who is not afraid to constructively criticize the actions of other projects or defend the interests of the community in front of them.


Hey, I believe Blaze will be perfect candidate for leading NDC. He has experience leading great initiative in past too :smiley: I’ve seen some people in comments above doubting his contribution so let me give a brief recap.

  • He worked as Lead for OSA, the guild for validators and as you’re aware validators are responsible for running the network, they can have proper training and ease their onboarding experience with help from OSA. That being said he has a huge contribution to Validator Community!

  • He launched Cheddar, A Loyalty network that’s aims to incentivize use of NEAR dApps and adds additional utility to tokens like $META, $REF, $NEKO with rewarding $CHEDDAR.

Please don’t disrespect him if you’re supporting other candidates and let the community choose.


Cool! Support my idea, I’ve already mentioned it, I can organise it if necessary!


Trove Labs supports @blaze for President!

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Hey, On the contrary, I think a lot of people respect him and also appreciate his Cheddar project.

And I think some people are afraid that it will distract him from developing the Cheddar project.
You do understand that we’re all human, everyone needs a rest, and a whole series of processes, participation in many DAOs will reduce the productivity of the work.

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This role and initiative are of such importance to the community that I would transition the oversight of Cheddar to any of my coFounders, the Cheddar DAO board, or active community members that would step forward to take care of Cheddy and the farm. As you know, Cheddar has a mission to help onboard the next 1 Billion users, so they would need to be qualified and driven candidates with experience in running projects.


Blaze did a great job of joining the Near community before the mainnet even went live, and I totally understand everyone who voted for him.

However, I don’t think that voting with a single candidate has the right to exist in such a large community as Near. I cannot believe that there are no other worthy candidates who would make such elections more legitimate.

I sincerely believe that the decision will not be made, considering only the current vote.


Hi, I suggested a debate, how do you feel about it? then we’ll make a list and have a debate! We have a very large community and lots of people who work hard for it and improve it.


I agree with a debate and more candidates to come forward. This is an ecosystem wide initiative. The good news is we are getting good exposure through this process.

Can you take the lead on defining a candidate propsal template for the forum with necessary requirements and scheduling and organizing debates as you already are.? 1​:relieved:

Here is what I shared on Discord:

If you put your name forward to be a lead of a workgroup. Please do the following:

  1. Post a governance forum post for your consideration of the workgroup role

Title: NEAR Digital Collective - - for Consideration and Vote

Tags: near-digital-collect, ndc, proposal, vot

  1. Share your governance forum post on the original post and ask for the communities consideration

Hi Blaze, is this for me? I certainly have ideas about the candidate profile (just posted here some thoughts – NDC Marketing Lead - Opportunities and Improvements (Marketing DAO) - #4 by sarahkornfeld).

Lovely to connect,


Ah, there was an additional reference in the link, updated. In any case, that was a great introduction and back story to your credentials. Look forward to your participation!

Zavodil, I agree. Surely there have to be more candidates.

Yes, that was me)))))

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