NEAR Community Fund - The Vision of Community-Driven DAOs - Update Aug 18

In the last three months, we have made significant strides in our goal to become an Ecosystem-First Community.

One of those strides has been developing and implementing our multi-level DAO strategy with the mission to create a fully-fledged decentralized playbook that allows our Ecosystem Contributors to be an integral part of our process and roadmap.

But as with breaking new ground, there are always opportunities for reflection and learning that we need to take on board before moving forward. One of those is to refine how we keep our Community informed about how resources get allocated across our DAOs, to whom, and for what purpose.

As a result, next week, we will be sharing a draft of the Community Fund vision, strategy, and governance, which we think will help us keep you informed and allow us to consider your say in what and how we develop our Ecosystem.

UPDATE: :point_right:NEAR Community Fund - Vision, Strategy and Governance :point_left:

We’d love your feedback and insight into how we can make this as clear, transparent, and pragmatic as possible.
Please look out for it in the coming days.


Good news @Grace,
Looking forward to seeing this on the forum!


Thank you for preparing this. It will be helpful for people to understand the history and goals of the community fund so they can contextualize the decisions that are made from it. The mechanics of these things – how decisions are made and followed up – are useful but the overall goals will be most important. It should help us remember where it’s worth spending time/energy as a community and where we should breathe deep and accept risk or waste or failure in the service of bigger things.